Vol. XXIII • Issue 22 • January 22, 2021 •


Message From The Principal

Dear ELC & LS Parents,

With the release of Report Cards last week, we are very proud to announce our Grade 4 & 5 students that have garnered a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 4.0 and thereby earning the Bishop Brent Scholar Honors Award for the first semester of SY 2020-2021. Congratulations!!!

Tracking your child’s progress in fourth and fifth grade is easily done through the BASIS Parent Portal. If you do not have access to this, please email basis@brent.edu.ph.

As for Parent-Teacher Conferences (PTC), the Lower School (N-5) will not be having a set day for PTCs this semester just like that of the first semester. Parents, nonetheless, are always welcome to set an appointment with their child’s teacher(s) for any questions or concerns they may have at any point during the term. Teachers may also ask parents to meet to discuss their child’s progress and how to best support him or her.

Finally in case you may have missed the announcement last Monday via corporate text, Brent will not be conducting classes on Friday, February 5. We are doing this in order to promote a healthy balance between the rigors of online education and appropriate time for students’ rejuvenation.

Warm regards,


Michelle R. Jingco



Some Like It Not

“I don’t get it! My dad likes his computer better than the grill…
even if the grill gives him good food and the computer just sits there and does nothing.”

– 6 year old

Why, Oh Why?

Principal: So, what are you writing about in Language Arts today?

6-year old: We’re supposed to rank our toys and explain why. Like this is number 1, number 2, etc. All I’m writing is because, because, BECAUSE!

Modified (GCQ) Perks

Teacher: So what was the best part of your birthday?

5-year old: We got to get in the car and drive around! When it was my sister’s birthday, we couldn’t do that because we were still locked up.

Play of the Game (POG)

“Teacher, why did you give so many things to do last time? It was my birthday.
People are not supposed to work a lot on their birthdays; they’re just supposed to relax!”

– 6 year old