Vol. XXIII • Issue 34 • April 23, 2021 •


Message From The Principal

Dear ELC & LS Parents,

Congratulations again to our fourth and fifth graders, as well as their Music, Band and Strings teachers for their wonderful performances during the Spring Concert last Wednesday evening! We also commend all our students for their great artworks featured in our online Festival of the Arts 2021 Exhibit, with this year’s theme, “Art Around the World”. Kudos to our art teachers that have taught and guided our students this year!

On Wednesday, April 28, our Lower School Counselors will be giving a talk for parents on “A Healthy & Safe Body: How to talk to your children about keeping their bodies healthy and safe”. At this talk, they will share information from their guidance lessons and offer ways you can talk with your children about how to keep themselves healthy and safe. The event will start at 3PM and the link will be shared with you on Monday via email.

We are now down to the last few weeks of school! In the coming days, teachers will start conducting end of the year assessments in preparation for the final reports this year. Your child’s readiness, attendance and punctuality in these scheduled group and individual assessments are essential for them to do well. Thank you so much for encouraging them to always give their best in every task they need to complete.

Warm regards,


Michelle R. Jingco



Get Accustomed to It!

Teacher: Customary units for measuring liquids are ounces, pints, or gallons. Which one of those should we use for a mug of hot chocolate?

9 year old: Likely ounces. But for how much coffee you drink in a week, teacher, it’s definitely measured by the gallon.

Good Housekeeping

Teacher: You will find many things in a living room like a sofa, a chair…

Student: My dad is a chair in the company. Does that count?

Bionic Ears

Teacher: So, what did you hear during our quiet meditation?

6 year old: I heard the wind blow, the leaves fall, and the flowers bloom!

Covid Quotes

“Don’t risk it just for the biscuit, mom.”

– Third Grader


Reservation and Re-enrolment for 2021-2022

The April 12, 2021 deadline has passed to Reserve a Seat or Withdraw

Have you reserved a seat, or withdrawn, for the 2021-2022 school year? If so, thank you! If not, the deadline was Monday, April 12. We have reduced the number of sections in some grade levels, so reserving a seat is important.

A 100% refund of the Reservation Fee is available until June 18, 2021. If you are unsure of your plans for 2021-2022, pay the fee to reserve a seat and then contact Brent’s Accounting Office for a refund at a later date if needed.

Please refer to the Reservation and Re-Enrollment Form for details of how to proceed. This, and other helpful documents, are posted on our website under the About tab in the Resources section.

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