Vol. XXIII • Issue 9 • September 25, 2020 •


Message From The Principal

Dear ELC & LS Parents,

Amazingly, we are now a month and a day from the first day of school! Looking back, it’s mind blowing to see how much ground all of us have gained as we all got into the routine of doing school online. Thank you for all your support! Now as we dive deeper into the year, it is a wonderful thing that we get to experience new things that can only happen during distance learning.

One of these innovations is the Library Books Curbside Pick Up Service that our school libraries will be launching on Monday, September 28. This service gives students and parents the opportunity to reserve or put holds on books they would like to borrow and eventually, have a representative go and collect those books from school. For the complete guidelines on this, click on the following link:

Brent Manila Libraries Curbside Pickup Guidelines and Procedures

Christmas is in the air in Brent Lower School! We are proud to continue our tradition of sharing the true meaning of Christmas by producing virtual ELC and LS Christmas Productions this year with “The Christmas Story” for ELC and “Christmas Unlocked” for LS. Information on what needs to be prepared and recorded were shared with you this past few days, particularly on how to record the children’s performances and submission deadlines. Your assistance on these things are greatly appreciated. Do let your child’s teacher know if you have any questions or need some assistance so we can address them. 

We have more news, events and happenings coming your way in the next few weeks such as the results of the Lower School Student Council elections, as well as Spirit Week and the UN Dress Up Day in October. Stay tuned!

Take care and enjoy the weekend!

Warm regards,


Michelle R. Jingco



My Teacher, My Helper

At the end of the Zoom one-on-one session:

“Teacher, I’m hungry. I want to eat a sandwich. Can you make me one?”

– First Grader

School Pride

Adult: So, where do you go to school?

PK Student: I go to Zoom!

The School, Supplies

7-year old: These watercolors are nice.

Mom: We got those from school.

7-year old: You mean, my teacher sells these?!

I Got This!

Mom: Did you get what your teacher was saying?

6-year old: Yes, mom. Don’t tell me you didn’t understand all that?


Library Books Curbside Pick Up


Spirit Week