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November 26, 2021 Headmaster’s Update

Dear Brent Families,

Members Divisional Office of the Department of Education’s visited our campus yesterday for about an hour and forty-five minutes. Our preliminary visit went extremely well, and we look forward to hosting a larger team that includes regional and central office members for a full ocular on Monday afternoon.

Thank you to everyone who took time to fill out our surveys. They are very helpful for planning. Currently 68% of families definitely plan to send their children to campus once permission is given for in-person instruction.

If you have not already completed a Parental Consent and Waiver Form for each child, please do so soon. It is a DepEd requirement, and we will not be able to accept students on campus without it.

We will run the student vaccination survey for Middle and Upper School students again at a later date, but at this point we already have an impressive 60% of respondents saying their children are fully vaccinated.

Thank you for your support.

Jason Atkins

November 26, 2021 Headmaster’s Update2021-11-26T07:41:25+08:00

Happy Thanksgiving

Xièxiè, gamsa haeyo, merci, arigatōgozaimashita, gracias, salamat, thank you! Words are not enough to express how much we appreciate all of you! Students, parents, teachers, staff, alumni families and friends, we are thankful for our wonderful Brent Community for all the support, friendship, and care. We love everything about Brent Pride and we are thankful for everyone’s wonderful contributions in making our community a better place. Because of you, Brent is and always will be a home away from home.

Happy Thanksgiving2021-11-25T08:07:25+08:00

ABAP Dance Education Challenge 2021

Congratulations to Sophia Carmela Cron (gr. 11) and Pearl Herrera-Lim (gr. 7) for winning top awards at the ABAP Dance Education Challenge 2021 held last October 24.

The girls went through a rigorous process of Preliminaries and Semi Finals before advancing to the Finals. It proves that hard work pays off as Sophia won 1st place in Contemporary Dance and Pearl won 3rd place in Classical Ballet. Way to go, Lions! Keep up the great work!

ABAP Dance Education Challenge 20212021-11-19T08:00:47+08:00

November 18, 2021 (Headmaster’s Update)

November 18, 2021

Dear Brent Families,

As we approach the Christmas holidays, you may be making plans that include travel that will be extended by various quarantine requirements. Please rest assured that if government permission to open comes soon, we will maintain an online option for students who are unable to physically attend.

The global pattern seen in schools reopening has often included a time of fluctuation between online and in-person instruction. We hope this will not last too long, but it is important to expect a period of hybrid instruction where we will all need to remain nimble and adapt to changing circumstances.

Our classes are equipped with projectors and screens that will make it possible to maintain our online classes while also delivering in-person instruction. In addition to the bandwidth recently added, we are beefing up wifi access points in several locations around campus.

Just as when we moved classes online, our faculty will spend some transition time analyzing which specific hybrid structures work best for them in their particular subject area. Our IT staff are prepared to provide support with additional hardware or software so individual teachers have options to maximize their instruction.

As important as the academic program is, our students’ social and emotional needs during at least the first week or two of our return to in-person classes will be prioritized. Brent’s educational mission has always been focused on the development of the whole child whether academically, socially, emotionally, physically or spiritually. The nonacademic areas have been more challenging to serve during online instruction, and we look forward to the opportunities that a return to campus provides.

Take Care and God Bless,

Jason Atkins

November 18, 2021 (Headmaster’s Update)2021-11-17T18:41:14+08:00

Parents Appreciation

We love how our community works together to make Brent a better place. This is especially true of our very supportive and caring parents. Your encouragement is a driving force in our success!

Thank you, parents! Student learning, especially during this challenging time, is more successful because of you. Your efforts are noticed and appreciated. More than ever, parents are important partners in education, and we are grateful.

Parents Appreciation2021-11-12T07:38:59+08:00

November 12, 2021 (Headmaster’s Update)

November 12, 2021

Hello Brent Families,

We here at Brent are excitedly anticipating our return to in-person classes. As of today, November 12, the IATF has not given approval for any of the international schools to conduct classes. However, fewer COVID cases, lowered alert levels, and increased vaccine supplies all point toward openings in the near future.

Brent has received endorsements from our Barangay Captain, Mayor and Congresswoman. The Department of Education has promised an inspection next week, and an endorsement by the Department of Health to the IATF should be the next step.

Laguna, where Brent is located, remains under alert level 3, while the National Capital Region has been lowered to alert level 2. Still, we are making progress. I am confident that our safety preparations are on par with any in the country, and I believe we will receive approval to conduct classes on campus as soon as the IATF feels our region is ready.

In the meantime, please don’t lose focus on academics. There is only one month before final exams. That’s only about 12 Day One and 12 Day Two classes.

I look forward to seeing you all in-person soon.

Take care,
Jason Atkins

November 12, 2021 (Headmaster’s Update)2021-11-17T18:11:33+08:00

October 28, 2021 (Headmaster’s Update)

October 28, 2021

Hello Brent Families,

As many of you may have heard, we have good news on the continued quest to bring our students back for face-to-face classes. The Department of Education has released Memorandum No. 071, s. 2021, which recognizes “the unique nature of International Schools” and their “capacity to implement face-to-face classes outside the 120 pilot schools.” This is a very positive development, and it clears the way for independent approval via the Department of Education, Department of Health, IATF and our Local Government Unit.

This recognition by DepEd is greatly appreciated given that Brent’s social distancing space is immense. Brent International School Manila covers 10.6 hectares and includes 1.2 hectares of carpeted space for 710 students in nursery through grade 12. Class sizes in nursery to grade two currently average about 11 students. Grades three through twelve average about 16 students per class. Classrooms average 86 square meters, which provides nearly 4 square meters per person even for a class of 22. In other words, most classrooms at Brent will have a more socially distant seating capacity than restaurants operating at 30% capacity under alert level 3 where diners do not wear masks.

The layers of safety we have established were described in past communications, and many of those can be found posted on our website, but I would like to share two recent updates.

First, we have vaccinated approximately 98% of our employees and further vaccinated other vendors and individuals who have close contact with our campus or our employees.

Second, we have recently added 100 mbps to our bandwidth in anticipation of a period of hybrid education that may require increased online activity.

Once we receive permission to return to face-to-face instruction and know the final criteria, we will reach out to parents and students with a survey. With that information, we will then establish a timeline to make the transition back to the classroom as smooth as possible.

In the meantime, please enjoy our Forward Magazine’s October Edition.

I wish everyone a restful All Saints break. God bless you all.


Jason Atkins

October 28, 2021 (Headmaster’s Update)2021-11-17T18:02:52+08:00

United Nations Day Celebration at Brent

The Brent Pride is a community of people who have mutual respect and acceptance for the mixed cultures, faiths, and abilities each family member brings. We love learning from and celebrating our similarities and differences with friends from all over the world. We respect each other and value the feelings and opinions of one another. UN Day is close to our hearts as this is a celebration of who we are as a family: a united international community of very unique, talented, multicultural, and tolerant individuals. With 30+ citizens among us, Brent Pride is a true connection and a sense of belonging that Brent is, and always will be, home.

United Nations Day Celebration at Brent2021-10-22T17:13:44+08:00

Teachers Appreciation 2021-2022

Dear Teachers,

Now, more than ever…Thank You!
You teach, motivate, guide, and inspire.
Despite challenges, you are always ready to encourage with a smile.
You are wonderful and we are grateful for YOU!
Happy Teachers Day to all the Wonderful Brent Teachers!

Teachers Appreciation 2021-20222021-10-05T08:58:31+08:00