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Family History Museum

Give it up for our fantastic Second Graders! Their Family History Museum event was a wonderful opportunity to showcase their heritage where visitors learned about their family histories and saw the unique artifacts that hold special meaning to them. Truly a remarkable experience! Well done, Lions!

Family History Museum2024-02-23T07:43:09+08:00

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences are on Monday, March 4 from 7:45 am to 3:30 pm. To sign up, select from the links below.

A few important reminders:

  • If it is your first time, we suggest you start by watching the 2-minute-30-second video tutorial to get basic instructions before you sign-up for meetings.
  • You will not be able to change your schedule once submitted. If you really need to do so, please send an email to or call the school secretary, to inform us of the change. If you decide to cancel, it would be good to also inform us, so we can free up the slots for other parents.
  • If you have multiple children, you will have to sign up for meetings one child at a time. Unlike the previous PTC sign-ups, you may now use the same email address for all.
  • If you are trying to book a meeting with a teacher who has no more slots available or is not available on PTC Day, please reach out to that teacher via email, and they will work with you to find a mutually convenient time on a different date.

PTC Links:

Upper School PTC 2024

Middle School PTC 2024

Lower School PTC 2024

Shared Teachers PTC 2024

Parent-Teacher Conferences2024-02-21T10:25:50+08:00

Aladdin Jr.

Congratulations to the talented cast and crew of the Upper School Production, “Aladdin Jr.”! You all did a terrific job. Congratulations on a great show! Bravo, Lions!

Special mentions go out to the creative and hardworking Choreographer and Director, Ms. Venus Basas, Musical Director, Mrs. Louela Floresca, and Associate Choreographer, Ms. Summer Allada. Your hardwork and perseverance paid off. Well done!

Aladdin Jr.2024-02-19T07:39:53+08:00

Congratulations to APAC Basketball and Swimming Teams!

Congratulations to our APAC Basketball and Swimming Teams for their wonderful representation of the Brent Pride during the 2nd Season of APAC Conference held January 31 – February 4, 2024. Well done, Lions!

Special mention goes out to the following:

Super APAC Girls Basketball:
2nd Place Overall
Leilah Janina Barbosa (gr. 11)
Ana Emilia Hagedorn (gr. 10)
Tatiana China Webb (gr. 12)

Super APAC Boys Basketball:
Capped the season off with a 3 game win streak
Mikel Clavano (gr. 12)

APAC Swimming:
Marco Ziguel Campos (gr. 12)
Jasmine Mojdeh (gr. 12)

Congratulations to APAC Basketball and Swimming Teams!2024-02-14T07:36:59+08:00

National Age Group Triathlon

Congratulations, Lions, for your excellent results during the National Age Group Triathlon held in Subic on January 27-28, 2024.

Super Tri Kids – 11-12 year old category
Bricen Platz (gr. 6) – 3rd place
Alaina Bouffaut (gr. 6) – 5th place

Super Sprint – 13-15 year old category
Johan Marcelo (gr. 7) – 4th place

Sprint Distance Elite
Kira Ellis (gr. 12) – 3rd place

National Age Group Triathlon2024-02-12T08:08:10+08:00

12th Sinulog Football Cup 2024

7th graders Sebastian Khoury and Johnny Garcia participated at the 12th Sinulog Football Cup 2024 tournament held in Talisay City, Cebu. They are part of the Azkals Development Academy (ADA U13) and their team won the championship during the tournament. Congratulations, Lions!

12th Sinulog Football Cup 20242024-02-12T08:07:37+08:00

PSIM National NCR Categorizes Tennis Tournament

A number of Lions participated in the PSIM National NCR Categorizes Tennis Tournament held January 26 – February 2.

Special mention goes out to the following:

  • Joshua Ferrer (gr. 8) Champion 16u Boys Singles
  • Marcos Florentino (gr. 6) Champion 14u Boys Singles
  • Alessandro Primo Bacani (gr. 6) and Bricen Lukas Platz (gr. 6) Finalist 14u Boys Doubles (Class A)
  • Mateo Guillermo Hinlo (gr. 8) and Alessandro Primo Bacani Finalist 14u Boys Doubles (Class B)

Congratulations, Lions!

PSIM National NCR Categorizes Tennis Tournament2024-02-08T08:26:52+08:00

Happy 100 Days of School Kindergarteners!

The Kindergarteners paraded in their 100-year-old best last Friday, February 2, 2024. They celebrated the 100th day of school! These young Lions are learning not only how to count to 100, but also skip counting by 10’s and recognizing numbers all the way up to 100! It was a big day of celebration and a milestone for the Kindergarten school year.

Keep learning, young Lions! Hooray for learning in a super FUN way!

Happy 100 Days of School Kindergarteners!2024-02-06T07:35:51+08:00

Canadian Senior and Intermediate Mathematics

Congratulations to our students who placed in the top 25% internationally, achieving distinction, in the Canadian Senior and Intermediate Mathematics contests.

Rainier Ragragio (gr. 12) is our medal winner and top in school for the Canadian Senior Mathematics contest.
Seungwoo Ha (gr. 12) and Jungjun Kim (gr. 12) achieved distinction in the Canadian Senior Mathematics contest.
Yeeun Lee (gr. 8) is our medal winner and top in school for the Canadian Intermediate Mathematics contest.
Siyoung Park (gr. 9) and Yixuan Zhang (gr. 10) achieved distinction in the Canadian Intermediate Mathematics contest.

Keep up the great work, Lions!

Canadian Senior and Intermediate Mathematics2024-02-02T07:36:04+08:00

Congratulations to the Taekwondo Practitioners!

Congratulations to the following Lions for successfully completing their Philippines Taekwondo Association (PTA) Promotion Tests last January 28, 2024.

8th yellow belt to 7th yellow belt
Michael Darren Uy (gr. 10)
Rodrigo Santino Santiago (gr. 10)

7th yellow belt to 6th blue belt
Thanwarat Sitthinancharoen (gr. 11)

6th blue belt to 5th blue belt
Uriel James Panganiban (gr. 7)

Congratulations to the Taekwondo Practitioners!2024-02-01T07:37:46+08:00
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