Vol. XXII • Issue 20 • January 24, 2020


Message From The Middle School Principal

Finally we’re back at it for our second semester. We have been keeping after school activities and Phys. Ed. classes indoors this week. We continue to monitor the air quality and the amount of dust that our outdoor facilities are kicking up. As they become acceptable on a daily basis, we may start moving some activities back outside. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we do our best to get things back to normal. While Taal is still at alert level 4, we do remind families to be prepared. Items such as a mask and goggles should be in student’s bags, as well medication they may need should they need to wait for ashfall to settle.

We have been working this week to finalize a new location for our grade 8 camp. Expect a letter coming home soon regarding this year’s Middle School Camps. We are still planning to go ahead with these at this time. Also given our late start to the semester, our activities schedule has also been pushed back, so student club options should be coming out soon, too. Please note that sign up for Middle School clubs will be moving to an online platform instead of a paper form. Instructions will be given to students about how to sign up using their BASIS accounts in the coming week.

This week’s article is titled “When You Don’t Like Your Child’s Friend” by Dr. Eileen Kennedy-Moore. In it, she talks about why some parents may have problems with the friends their child makes, and offers some advice on how parents might deal with the situation of having someone around who they do not care for. Her biggest piece of advice: Forbidding a relationship is not going to be an effective way to stop your child spending time with someone. It’s a problem we have to come at from a different angle.

MS Principal

Ben Josephson


Counselor’s Corner

Stressed to the max? Deep sleep can rewire the anxious brain