January 22nd, 2021

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For those of you who just can’t get enough of elections at the moment, Middle School will be running MS council election over this and next week. Student are currently running campaigns.

Election speeches and voting will take place on Wednesday January 27th during Independent Study. Students running for office will be making live speeches on an all-school Zoom meeting.

We will also be holding homeroom council elections for students who are not interested in an executive position. Any students interested should get in contact with Ms. Richards for information. These will take place during Homeroom meetings.

Please noted that Friday February 5th will be a non-class day.

“If you try to be kind and good, you will be blessed with life, and goodness and honour.” – Proverbs 21:21.

This week’s article is titled “7 Was to Cope with Anxiety and Your Teen” by Dr Susan Newman. Here, she recognized the many stresses that come from parent hood, specifically those that come with the increased independence teenagers. The relationship teenagers have with their friends can be complicated and more private than they were in lower school, and their need and ability to be mobile, and make choices of greater impact can all lead to increased anxiety. This article lists ways to help parents cope with that added level of uncertainty.


Dear Parents,

Happy New Year 2021 and Welcome back to Brent second semester 2021.

Please take a look at Guidance Counseling Virtual Office & Services, I will be adding to our Friday newsletter new topics and information for you to be aware of, to learn, and enjoy.

Warm Regards,

Mrs. Richards
Middle School Guidance Counselor