Vol. XXII • Issue 3 • August 23, 2019


Message From The Middle School Principal

We’re starting with our last short week for some time, with Monday being National Heroes’ Day.  I hope everyone has a nice long weekend. A big thank you to all our parents who came out on Thursday afternoon for our parent orientation. I hope you enjoyed meeting the teachers and seeing your child’s classrooms. 

This upcoming week will mark the start of our Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) tests. These tests measure students’ abilities in the areas of Reading, Language, and Mathematics, and provide us with a benchmark for how our students compare across other learners in their grade level not just within Brent, but globally. All students in grades 6-8 will be taking these three online tests during the day over the next few weeks (schedules have gone out to teachers and students). If students miss class on the day they are scheduled to take their test, there will be no retesting. So please ensure that your child is at school in order to receive their results.   Not only does this help us understand were our students are performing, it gives parents an idea as well. Please make sure that your child is well rested and fed on the day of their test–there is no need for students to study or review for these. 

In keeping with our theme of Positive Communication, this week’s article, titled “What to do When you’ve Said Something Wrong” by Anna Goldfarb, talks about recovering with grace. We all say the wrong thing sometimes–either our temper gets the better of us, we misread a situation, or someone misunderstands the intention behind something we said. It does not matter if we’re parents, teachers or students; recovering with grace when we’ve said something wrong is a valuable life skill. 

Yours in Education,

MS Principal

Ben Josephson


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