Middle School Faculty

Mr. Ben Josephson

Ms. Roseana Richards
Guidance Counselor

Tammy Burke (UBD/Earcos Rep)English 7 & 8M-204
Rodrick Freitas (shared with US)English 6S-109
Jenny RafiñanEnglish 6, 7 & ESLM-203
Raysa RodriguezMath 7 & 8 / Adv. Math 8M-301
Damian SeeMath 6 & 7M-302
Claire Daphne JuanicoMath 6S-402
Aldo Di TanoScience 7 & 8S-401
Claire Daphne JuanicoScience 6 & 7S-402
Modern Languages
Ariane Cacace (shared with US)FrenchM-401
Monica FarralesFilipinoM-402
Gina Tang ChineseM-403
Kara Gabriel SpanishM-404
Social Science
Damian SeeSocial Science 7 M-302
Kyle PaceSocial Science 6 & 8M-303
Visual & Performaing Arts
Rodrick Freitas (shared with US)DramaS-109
Ruben Nacion (Shared with US)ArtS-110
Joshua Legaspi (Shared with LS)StringsS-116

Marisol Taylo (shared with US)MusicS-118
Gian Paolo Rivera (Shared with LS)BandS-400
Margarita FranciscoComputerM-101
Religious Studies
Tess Selga (HOD)Religious Studies 6 & 8M-202
Monica FarralesReligious Studies 7M-402
Health and PE
Pete BrooksPhysical Education 7 & 8Gym/Pool/Field
Thomas MunroPhysical Education 6 & 7Gym/Pool/Field
Student Services
Katrina BaronStudent Services CoordinatorSST Office
Margaret Anne CasasTeaching Assistant Grade 6S-202
Pamela HernandezTeaching Assistant Grade 7S-202
Rhod Ryan CastasusTeaching Assistant Grade 8S-202
Permanent Sub
Jessica AldabaMS Workroom