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One of the most exciting parts of a school counselor’s job is getting to know every student in the school and watch them grow with their academic and social skills.

The school counselor works closely with all staff to ensure that every student is receiving academic and social-emotional support. It is the goal of the ELC/LS counseling program to build strong skills in all students grades Nursery through 5th grade. All students are a part of classroom guidance, where we use puppets, role-plays, games, activities, and songs to teach life skills. With the counseling curriculum, Second Step, students will strengthen their learning skills, be able to empathize with others, keep control over their emotions, and become excellent problem solvers (please visit http://www.cfchildren.org/second-step for more information). Students will also participate in lessons about bullying, safety, and friendship. In addition to classroom guidance, some students may benefit from joining a small group or having individual counseling.

As the school counselor, I am also available to help support parents. I encourage you to inform me if your family is going through a difficult time such as a death, divorce, or illness so that I may provide extra support for your child. If you have academic, behavioral, emotional, or social concerns for your child, please contact me through the school. I also encourage all parents to attend parenting workshops which will be held throughout the year.

Warm regards for a great school year!


Marisol Maranan

Marisol Maranan

Lower School Counselor