Student Council 2022-2023


Junior-Senior Prom Question & Answer


Brent PTA Board Willingness To Serve Form (SY 2022-2023)

If you are willing to serve as a PTA Board member for SY 2022-2023, please fill up the form and send it to and please cc by 29th April 2022.

Kindly indicate as the subject of your email: ‘PTA Willingness to Serve’.

The following are the PTA volunteer positions:

  • President
  • Executive Vice President -ELC/Lower school
  • Executive Vice President – Middle school/ Upper school
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • ELC Vice President
  • Lower School Vice President
  • Middle School Vice President
  • Upper School Vice President
  • Representatives for each Grade Level Nursery up to Grade 12

Please indicate your:


( If you would like to nominate a parent who you think will greatly contribute to the Brent community being in the PTA, please email us their above-mentioned details & we will get in touch with them.)


Welcome Back Students!

Welcome Back Students!

Here is what to expect now that you are back.

Clubs will continue online and in-person. Contact your club advisor if you have any questions.

It is time to get back in shape and get involved. We will slowly start to add activities and will send out information on how to participate. Meanwhile, we have various fun stations that you can use such as table tennis, corn hole, spike ball and chess. So, catch up with old friends, make new friends and have fun together. Go Lions!


After School Activities

After School Activities

After School Activities


Varsity Council


To the following students who have been selected as members of the BRENT


ACUÑA, Ethan Frank (Azure)
ALBANO, Alleanda Lucia (Emerald)
CHO, Hyunseo “Irene” (Gold)
COURBET, Enzo (Emerald)
DOMINGUEZ, Francine (Azure)
DOMINGUEZ, Pilar Amparo (Emerald)
EIZMENDI, Adriana Dominique (Emerald)
GARCIA, Juan Pablo (Azure)
KO, Garyeong “Erin” (Azure)
LEE, Hyunseo “Sera” (Emerald)
LIM, Sophia Erika (Gold)
LYTTLE, Sophia Simone (Azure)
MARCHETTI, Angie Michelle (Gold)
OYOS, Jose III ‘Job” (Emerald)
PINEDA, Jana Patricia (Gold)
QUIZON, Agnes Florinthia (Gold)
SAUNDERS, Oliver George Anthony (Azure)
SIMPAO, Raya Isabel (Emerald)
SY, Alexandra Maxine (Emerald)
VALONES, Matthew Louis (Emerald)
VILLAR, Jazzlynne-Rollie (Emerald)

Trinchy Garcia
Ninik Gervasio

Catherine Tanco-Ong
Director for Student Activities

1. All students will remain on this team provided their grades and citizenship are in good order. Should a “time out” from practices and games be necessary, then students and coaches will be informed. Remember, a good athlete is attentive to many responsibilities, and Academics is the most important.
2. Athletes are expected to be at every practice and game. Those who have difficulty fulfilling this obligation MUST inform their coaches and or Ms. Ong or the Activities Office in advance.
3. Attitude, application, commitment, communication and attention are all considerations in remaining in good standing on the team.


2nd Semester Clubs


APAC Theatre

To the following students who have been selected as members of the BRENT
APAC Theatre

ABAD, Natalia Ma. Cecilia
BURKE, Emily Noura
COLEMAN, James Patrick
DOMINGUEZ, Pilar Amparo
JOHNSTON, Aleia Geraldine
LIM, Sophia Erika
OYOS, Jonah Isaiah
TRILLO, Mark Anthony

Director: Venus Basas



To the following students who have been selected as members of the BRENT

COLLADO, Josemaria Vincent -G11
HAN, Soohyun “Linda” -G11
JUNG, Minwoo “Kevin” –G10
KANG, Heemin “Amy” -G12
KHERA, Lakssh -G10
KIM, Hyunju “Lucy” –G10
LEE, Daniel -G11
LEE, Hyunseo “Sera” -G10
LEE, Jihu “Kenneth” –G11
LEE, Junhyeok “Jun” -G12
MENDOZA, Vincenzo –G12
SALANGA, Paolo Lorenzo -G11
SEO, Jimin “Judy” –G10
WON, Joonseo -G11
YOON, Hejin -G9

Director:John Raymund Pajarillo


The Good Samaritan Club

Many people currently need help, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, where service and charity are needed more than ever. The Good Samaritan club provides an excellent opportunity for its members to learn about charity, selflessness, and a platform to embody Brent’s moral values. Students organize service-learning projects throughout the school year for various communities in the club, with its primary beneficiaries from Biñan, Laguna.

First, the members choose a community to help. Secondly, they determine the necessities of the community and brainstorm approaches on how to provide for the needs. Finally, the members execute the ideas in a project. Joining this club is also an effective way to fulfill CAS requirements in service through community aid and charitable works.

With this, it is our pleasure to have you as a member. The Good Samaritan Club is the longest-running club in Brent. Even though we are currently online, there is no hindrance to show that students can help the community in times of need. Some ideas are donating food supplies for a community pantry, raising funds for a cash donation to a charitable organization, and hosting online talks to provide awareness regarding specific issues.

As Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.“, service is a fulfilling activity that can help to see that an individual is not defined by identity but defined by ability, sympathy, connection, and solidarity that reflect the essential purpose of human beings – to be virtuous.

We hope you will consider joining this club, and we look forward to welcoming you as a new member!


Student Council 2021-2022

Freshman Council

Freshman Council Candidates

Middle School Council

Middle School Council

Lower School Council


Lions Workout

Workout Guidelines

  1. Students must make sure you are properly supervised during all workouts.
  2. Only do a workout that is an appropriate level for you and for your current fitness level.
  3. If you feel any dizziness or shortness of breath, stop the workout immediately and inform your parents.