Issue 36 • May 13, 2022


Message From The Principal

Dear ELC & LS Parents,

The countdown has started for our final two weeks of school! The students have done really well this year (online and more so, in person!) and are ready to start wrapping up the year. Congratulations to them and to you, parents!

Here are a few points to reiterate from our previous newsletters and teacher communications to make sure everyone is aware of them:

  • The Clearance Process for students has started. Kindly return all books borrowed from the libraries and settle accounts soon. We will only release report cards to cleared students the day before their respective Moving Up Days (May 17 for N-K and May 25 for G1-5).
  • The last day of school for Nursery, Pre-Kinder and Kindergarten is Wednesday, May 18. This is also the day for their Moving Up Day Ceremonies. Student dismissal is right after each ceremony. At this time, we are inviting the students’ parents (2 seats only) to the events, as long as Laguna stays on Alert Level 1.

  • The Early Dismissal Schedule for Kinder (May 17 only) and Grades 1-5 will commence on Tuesday, May 17, and will run up to our last day of school on Thursday, May 26. Please check the class dismissal times and bus departure schedule in the section below.
  • There will be NO “Late Start Thursdays” for May 19 and May 26. Classes will begin at 8AM daily.
  • May 24 (Tuesday) is a Teacher-In-Service Day, which means there are no classes on this day.
  • May 26 (Thursday) is the last day of school for Grades 1-5. We will be having two ceremonies for this morning of which parents, at this time, are invited to attend. We will inform you if we will have to pull back on guest attendance, should Laguna be placed beyond Alert Level 1.

For more information that is specific for your child and/or their class, please contact your child’s Homeroom Teacher. If you have any questions on the general information shared above, please feel free to contact your respective school office.

Here’s to a wonderful weekend!

Warm regards,


Michelle R. Jingco


Important Dates

16G5 Market Day
17Start of Shortened Days of School (see Early Dismissal Schedule below)
18N/PK/K Moving Up Day & Last Day of School
24No Classes (Faculty In-Service)
25Baccalaureate Service
26G1-5 Awards Ceremony / Moving Up Day / Last Day of School



Realistic Fiction

Teacher: Oooh, I love your mask! There are sharks!

5-year old: WHERE?!!! 😲

Truth Prevails

“I’m so tall now; and I didn’t have to tiptoe!”

– Nursery Student

Campaigning at the ELC

“We need to follow Ms. Jingco because she’s our leader!”

– Nursery Student


Early Dismissal Schedule – May 17 to 26


ELC & LS Libraries End of School Year Clearance Schedule – May 2022