The Mission Statement of all Brent International Schools states that,

Brent Schools, in a Christian ecumenical environment in the Philippines, are committed to develop individual students as responsible global citizens and leaders in their respective communities, with a multicultural and international perspective, and equipped for entry to colleges and universities throughout the world.

Mission Statement

Goals and Philosophy

Brent International School Manila aspires to be a living International School community, where young people from different nationalities, cultures, religions and family backgrounds, educate one another by mutual understanding and respect, openness of mind in dialogue, acceptance of the uniqueness and limitations of each, growth in the spirit of service and the practice of justice and charity.

Quality education, a truly professional spirit, and genuine service to students and society are goals that Brent International School Manila aims to be characterized by. Programs and teaching methods are continually revised, in light of modern educational developments, to meet the needs of the times.

One of many areas of enthusiasm is developing critical minds sensitive to important issues and with the ability to form judgments. This is vitally important in a society in which discernment in the use of mass media is required to maintain one’s personal liberty in the face of all undesirable influences.

Expected School‑wide Learning Result (ESLRs)

Brent School’s goals and philosophy are grounded in the Expected School‑wide Learning Results, which state that the school prepares students to be:

Responsible citizens who:
exercise leadership, work cooperatively with others, and are sensitive and responsive to the needs of their communities;

Mission Statement

Critical thinkers who:
are self directed, solve problems creatively, and contribute their talents to their communities;

Technologically literate individuals who:
use technology effectively to achieve personal, professional and academic betterment, adapt their skills to respond to the needs of a changing world, and use technology in an ethically responsible manner;

Healthy individuals who:
exhibit behaviors conducive to physical wellness, understand the spiritual and emotional dimensions of health, and are appropriate role models of wellness in their communities;


Tolerant individuals who:
are familiar with and proud of their own cultural traditions, are familiar with and appreciate diverse cultures and value systems, and recognize that they are members of a global community;

Effective communicators who:
demonstrate accuracy and fluency in written and oral communication, demonstrate the ability to listen and understand, and take responsibility for the messages within their communications;

Life‑long learners who:
are intellectually curious, have a passion for the truth, and integrate and apply what they learn.

These seven ESLRs are foundational concepts of the established Brent curriculum and are embedded into each subject at every grade level. Students joining the Brent community already possess many of these skills. The goal is to continue developing skills in all areas so that measurable growth is achieved by the time a student finishes their education at Brent.