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Steps to Apply

New students can still join the 2021-2022 school year, and new students are being accepted for the 2022-2023 school year also. Some grade levels are full or almost full, so it is advised to go through the admissions process soon. Please read about Wait Pools here.

Due to Working From Home, our test and interview process has been modified. Appointments are not held on campus and are done using Zoom online instead. If you would like to apply to Brent, click the red circle on the right to complete the online application. Our office will contact you with the next steps.

We are happy to assist you, and thank you for your interest in Brent. We truly hope your family is safe and sound.

Step One of the application process: Complete the online application and upload documents

  • Parent Questionnaire (Nursery, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten applicants only.)
  • Confidential Evaluations (Brent’s forms, completed by the current or recent school.)
  • Report Cards (Two years of final report cards, plus any report card received so far in the current school year. An official English translation is required if in another language.)
  • Birth Certificate (A photocopy is acceptable.)
  • Immunization Record (A photocopy is acceptable.)
  • Photos (Four recent passport photos)
  • MAP Scores (Optional, and only if these tests were given at the most recent school.)
  • Foreign Applicants; Both parents and applicant provide a photocopy of the following passport pages: Bio page (photo, name, date of birth, passport number, date of issue, expiration date) and Visa showing length of stay in the Philippines.
  • Guarantee Payment Letter. (To reserve slots if your company allows. A sample template is posted on our website.)
  • Local Applicants; Both parents provide a photocopy of a valid government issued photo ID. (Examples: Passport bio page, driver’s license, PRC ID, digitized SSS ID, Unified Multi-Purpose ID.) If the applicant is Filipino and a dual citizen, provide the bio page for the applicant’s PH and foreign passport)

Step Two: Schedule test and interview appointments;

Step Three: **Arrive on time for the scheduled appointments. Pay the US$200 application fee.

Step Four: If accepted, confirm intent to enroll by signing the Parent Agreement Form and paying the required Fees within three business days. (Slot Reservation Fee, ***Wait Pool Fee, or Tuition depending on timing and slot availability.)

*One parent must accompany the applicant to the appointments. The parent is not interviewed, but is needed to share the official acceptance decision with.

**A family might inquire and learn that slots are available, but then later when documents are submitted (or on the day of appointments) hear the grade level has filled. Set appointments for the soonest available time. Accepted students are added to our Wait Pool if the grade is full. We will inform the family if a slot has opened. (Not applicable to company dependents with a slot reserved.)

When to Apply / Slot Availability

Applicants to Brent’s Nursery through Grade 12 can schedule appointments for the following academic school year as early as November.

Submitting documents and setting appointments does not change the status of the applicant. A slot is not reserved for an applicant until the day of the interviews, if accepted. (Please refer to the Guarantee Payment Letter if the applicant is a company dependent.) A grade level can fill within days, weeks, or months from first inquiring and hearing that slots are available. Families are encouraged to set appointments for the soonest available time for their schedule and check with Admissions as often as needed regarding slot availability. This includes families new to Brent as well as families who already have other children enrolled at Brent.

International Baccalaureate Diploma Program
(IB DP, Grades 11 and 12)

Applicants interested in transferring into Brent’s International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB DP), after starting it already at another school, should follow these steps instead of the regular application process:

  1. Review Brent’s Course Offering Booklet to ensure that the courses you need to continue the Diploma Program are offered at Brent.
  2. Complete Brent’s online application
  3. Upload High School transcripts for grades 9, 10, and 11. (If grade 11 is not yet finished, at least provide a progress report or first semester report card.)
  4. Provide a detailed list of topics covered in each grade 11 IB DP class. The syllabus for each class might be sufficient if it shows which topics were actually covered. The student might compile the topic list, or the student might ask each teacher to compile a list of the topics covered.
  5. Explain any progress made on your Extended Essay (EE), and include a copy of the initial draft even if it is very brief.
  6. Explain any progress made on your CAS requirements.
  7. Explain any progress made in TOK.
  8. Email to identify yourself as interested in transferring into Brent’s Grade 11 or 12 IB DP. The topic list, EE progress and draft, CAS progress, and TOK progress can be shared via email.

Entrance Tests and Interviews

The Admissions Secretary schedules the entrance test and interview appointments after the application documents have been received and reviewed. The entrance tests are generally scheduled in the mornings, Monday through Friday. Interviews with the Director for Admissions, Guidance Counselor, and Principal are scheduled on the same day. The Principal shares the final acceptance decision, usually on the same day of the appointments.

Entrance tests and interviews must be completed at Brent. Nursery and Pre-Kindergarten applicants have play-based interviews but are not formally tested. Applicants to Kindergarten and above are tested and interviewed, including former Brent students returning after one or more years of absence from Brent.

For more information about our entrance tests, please see the first question on the Admissions FAQ page titled, “Do you give entrance tests?”