Steps to Apply

Applicants are being considered for the 2024-2025 school year.

Step One
Click the red circle on the right labeled “Click Here to Apply” to start the online application. (It is best completed using a computer with a Chrome browser and a strong internet connection. Enter an email address on the Father’s and / or Mother’s information page early in the process so that Admissions staff can reach out to offer support.)

Step Two
You will be invited to pay the Application Fee and to schedule on-campus tests and interviews for your child/ren when the required documents have been received. The official decision from Brent’s Admissions Committee will be shared soon after the appointments.

Step Three
If Brent offers an acceptance, pay the accompanying fee within three business days. (Slot Reservation Fee, Wait Pool Fee, or Tuition depending on the timing and slot availability.)


Slot Availability

A family might inquire and be informed that slots are available, but on the day of test and interview appointments be updated by Admissions that the grade level has been filled. Space in a grade level can fluctuate quickly, so it is recommended to schedule test and interview appointments for the soonest available time.

When a grade level is full, students are accepted to a Wait Pool. Admissions will inform the family if a slot has opened.

Submitting documents and scheduling test and interview appointments does not reserve a slot for the applicant. (Please refer to the Guarantee Payment Letter if the applicant is a company dependent.)

When to Apply

Applicants to Brent’s Nursery through Grade 12 can be considered for the following academic school year as early as November. If the applicant attends school, at least a progress report from the current school year should be available.

International Baccalaureate Diploma Program
(IB DP, Grades 11 and 12)

Applicants interested in transferring into Brent’s International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB DP), after starting it already at another school, should follow these steps instead of the regular application process:

  1. Review Brent’s Course Offering Booklet to ensure that the courses you need to continue the Diploma Program are offered at Brent.
  2. Complete Brent’s online application
  3. Upload High School transcripts for grades 9, 10, and 11. (If grade 11 is not yet finished, at least provide a progress report or first semester report card.)
  4. Provide a detailed list of topics covered in each grade 11 IB DP class. The syllabus for each class might be sufficient if it shows which topics were actually covered. The student might compile the topic list, or the student might ask each teacher to compile a list of the topics covered.
  5. Explain any progress made on your Extended Essay (EE), and include a copy of the initial draft even if it is very brief.
  6. Explain any progress made on your CAS requirements.
  7. Explain any progress made in TOK.
  8. Email to identify yourself as interested in transferring into Brent’s Grade 11 or 12 IB DP. The topic list, EE progress and draft, CAS progress, and TOK progress can be shared via email.