The Brent academic curriculum ultimately flows from the ESLR-s. Each of our ten academic departments, however, is even further defined and driven by department content standards. Further, each set of standards is measureable at key
developmental stages through sets of banded benchmarks.

Marzano (2003) conducted meta-analyses on studies spanning thirty-five years of research on school effectiveness. The school level factor with the greatest impact was a guaranteed and viable curriculum.

The Brent Academic Curriculum is operationalized into a published curriculum through the Understanding by Design (UBD) unit development framework. The UBD framework allows the Brent curriculum to satisfy Marzano’s suggested courses of action to close the gap in curriculum, including:

• Determine content priorities by identifying essential content or”unpacking”the standards and benchmarks;
• Ensure that, in the given time, essential content can be addressed;
• Organize essential content such that students have ample time to learn it;
• Ensure teachers address essential content