Monday – Friday
7:30am – 4:30pm

The Media Center is located on the 3rd floor of the shared facility (main building). We serve students in grades 6‑12, faculty, staff, and parents through the expanding collection of books, media, periodicals, and reference collection, as well as two computer laboratories with printing capabilities, a photocopy machine, and wifi connectivity.

Subscriptions to magazines, newspapers, journals, and online databases are maintained to provide up-to-date information on a variety of subjects of interest to students, faculty, parents, and administrators.

Macbooks and Chromebooks are also provided for students and can be reserved by the teachers on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The Media Center manages the Audio Visual Room, the Curriculum Library, and the Textbook Center.

Goals of The Media Center:

  • To meet the research and study needs of our students and faculty in support of the Brent Curriculum.
  • To provide a quiet and comfortable place to study and work on academic pursuits
  • To continue preparing the students for the transition to the type of library environment and tools they will likely encounter at the next level.

Books and Loan Periods

  • All items in the circulating collection (library collection) are checked out for a period of two weeks. Any item needed beyond its due date may be brought to the desk for renewal. Special arrangements can be made for students involved in writing their IB Extended Essays.
  • Students receive an email reminder of the books they have checked out every Monday especially when it is overdue.
  • Students are currently assessed P2/day fine for overdue books. (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)
  • Lost and damaged books and materials need to be replaced or paid.

Damaged and Lost Books
– A library user who has damaged or lost a book due to improper use or negligence shall be held accountable. The Library user shall replace the book with the exact title or shall pay the actual cost (in peso or in dollar) of the book.

Library Rules and Regulations

All library users are expected to conduct themselves and observe proper decorum in the library.

  1. Students are required to present their valid Brent I.D. to check out library materials, as well as access the printer and photocopy machine. (STRICTLY NO ID NO BORROWING OF BOOKS, LAPTOPS, PRINTING, ETC.)
  2. Food is not allowed to be brought into or consumed in any part of the library but bottled water is permitted. Uncovered drinking containers and drinks other than water, including flavored water and sports drinks are not permitted.
  3. Loitering is not allowed. If the student is from a research/study class, the teacher is responsible for providing the student with a pass. (student/study hall pass)
  4. Observe Silence. Loud conversation and unnecessary noise is prohibited in the library. Silence is important to give other library users a chance to read quietly and study.
  5. All borrowed books should be used with proper care. Vandalism in the form of writing, tearing, folding of pages, etc. is strictly prohibited.
  6. All books read inside the library or borrowed for home reading should be returned at the Circulation Counter and not to their shelves.
  7. Cell phones are to be in a silent mode.
  8. No Public Display of Affection / PDA.
  9. Follow proper behavior in the library as you would in the classroom.


Heather Shay
US Librarian