The Early Learning Center (ELC) Library serves Nursery through grade 2, and is located on the second floor of ELC building. The Library is open 7:30 am to 4:30 pm on school days, and students may use them before and after school and during recesses. Parents are always welcome!

Common Practices in the ELC Library

We frequently talk about:

  • Respect yourself and others.
  • Respect the library and its materials.
  • Respect Brent.
  1. Students must use their valid Brent Identity Card to check out library materials.
  2. Students come to the Library each week.
  3. All items in the circulating collections are checked out for one week. Any library item needed beyond its due date may be brought to the circulation desk for one (1) renewal.
  4. In addition to checking out books of their choice, students will sometimes be guided in a book choice by the Librarian and/or classroom teacher. This could occur in instances where a book particularly matches an area of learning covered in class, or if exposure to a reading level or genre is encouraged.
  5. Teachers are weekly given a list of library items not returned by their students, and students are given a reminder slip. Please help your child be responsible for returning library materials promptly.
  6. Any item 6 weeks past due will be charged to the student at the replacement cost as a lost or damaged item.

ELC Library Reminders (Nursery – Grade 2)

Main goal of the ELC Library:

  • Teach students a life–long love of reading.

In addition to the items listed in the Common Practices section:

  1. The ELC Library has a wide variety of books and Audio Visual materials for pre-readers as well as readers. Amongst the favorite for our students are the book/tape packs.
  2. Nursery and Pre-Kindergarten begins the year checking out one book, and may increase to two as the class demonstrates responsibility by consistently returning their books.
  3. ELC students are not charged a fine for past due materials.