Welcome to the Early Learning Center (Nursery – Grade 2)

Welcome students and parents to the Brent International School Manila Lower School!

Our Brent School mission statement suggests that educational programs and processes involve students developing a high standard of academic excellence, a strong character founded on Christian values, and an international or global perspective. These high expectations for our students are achievable because Brent approaches school from a community perspective. Our talented and dedicated staff works together with parents to provide many opportunities for students to learn. Our Chapel theme for this 2021-2022 school year, “Abound in Hope”, provides us with additional motivation to strive towards becoming the individuals, citizens and leaders that makes Brent International School Manila unique.

We encourage you to read The Brent Education: A Framework, which outlines our Philosophy of Schooling, as well as the Lower School Academic Program to know more of our curriculum from Nursery to Grade 5. Our academic program puts emphasis in the development of reading and writing skills in our students to equip them well in their core subjects, which also further enhances their listening and speaking skills. On the other hand, the special subjects provide students with a rich assortment of arts offerings, sports, values and spiritual growth.

Moreover, in support of our academic programs, we have embraced how learning is made more meaningful and exciting with technology. At the ELC, our Digital Discovery Center (DDC) is set up to expose our students at an early age to the growing world of educational apps and publishing programs. At the LS, we take pride in the inclusion of coding and robotics in our Grades 3-5 Computer curriculum. They are also taught how to use online collaborative tools such as the Google Apps. Our students at the LS also have access to iPads, MacBooks and ChromeBooks, other than the iMacs they are able to use for research in the library.

Our LS Library facilities and staff also provide a variety of resources and learning experiences for our students to enhance their love for reading, likewise writing and technology skills. Our visiting author programs provide our entire community with access to award winning authors who work with our students to share authentic writing and publishing experiences.

In addition, our House system (Azure, Emerald and Gold House Teams) encourages collaboration and healthy competition amongst our students. We have a number of House events scheduled throughout the year such as the House Cross Country, House Soccer, and House Spelling Bee, which completes the experience to further develop the well-rounded Brent student.

We trust that our website provides you with most of the information you will need to reference this school year. Please check it regularly to see our weekly newsletter and updates to our school monthly calendars.

For admission or application inquiries, please visit our Admissions page at https://brent.edu.ph/admissions/directors-welcome/ or email admissionssecretary@brent.edu.ph.

Again, welcome to Brent! If we may be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact any of us in the Lower School offices.


Michelle Jingco

Lower School Principal