Welcome to Middle School (Grades 6 – 8)

It is a pleasure to welcome you to Brent International School Manila for the 2017-2018 academic year. I feel certain that this year will be one of tremendous growth and opportunity for your child, and I look forward to sharing that experience with you and your family.

On a practical matter, this handbook contains information on many aspects of student life that you will need throughout the year. It is an important document that outlines programs, policies, procedures, and behavioral expectations for students in grades 6-8. You will find yourself referring to this handbook numerous times over the course of the year.

We all realize the critical nature of the middle school years for intellectual, emotional, and moral development. To this, Brent’s middle school program is designed to address the unique academic, artistic, physical, creative, and moral development of sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students. Through a carefully designed structure at each grade level, we provide a natural and developmentally appropriate transition from elementary school to middle school, and then from middle school to high school. Another strength of our program lies in a middle school advisory program designed to support, encourage, and guide students through the middle school years. Finally, a key element of the middle school program is the athletics/activities program that offers students the chance to try new skills and widen their perspectives. All of these experiences encourage the formation of new friendships, the gaining of new knowledge, and the creation of a meaningful common experience.

At Brent, we strive to create opportunities for students to discover the joy of learning, to foster strong, caring relationships with peers and adults, and to encourage sound decision making that is rooted in careful thought, empathy, and individual responsibility. We’re confident the Brent middle school program offers not only excellent classroom instruction but also an engaging, vibrant school community that starts each student on a path to a lifetime of intellectual growth, achievement, and ethical values.

The administration and faculty share a level of dedication in our work with your children because we believe in the pursuit of excellence in scholarship and character. We’re confident that the 2017-2018 school year will be a rewarding one.

Andy O'Hara

Andy O’Hara

Middle School Principal