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Director’s Welcome

Welcome to School Year 2021-2022.  We are back and excited to get our Lions goin!!!

Being online has allowed us to be more creative and I am confident that this year will bring us lots of fun activities. Here are some of the online events you can expect this year.

Activities for 2021

Many of these events will be organized by the Student and Varsity Council members so an advanced thank you to those groups. Our faculty also is very supportive and will offer clubs and be involved in productions.

We will continue to keep you informed as things develop. Take a look at the News From The Activities Office tab and activities page of our Brent website.

Don’t be afraid to sign up or attend something new. It is a good time to be different, do different, shine, re-create, get involved, learn and have fun. Know that we believe in you and will do everything we can to help you succeed.

One of the greatest characteristics of our school is our Brent Pride. As a Pride, we are compassionate, caring, and full of school spirit.

You are a Brent Lion. YOU are BRENT PRIDE. Go Lions!

Catherine Tanco Ong

Director for Student Activities