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Visual Arts 11 and 12 and Foundations of Art 10 Classes

Here is the link to the artworks of 👉 the Visual Arts 11 and 12 and the Foundations of Art 10 classes.

Creativity in the Upper School continues during online classes. On display are the works of students in the Visual Arts 11 and 12 and the Foundations of Art 10 classes.

We are 2 weeks away from closing out the 2019-2020 school year and the Lions are finishing strong!

Visual Arts 11 and 12 and Foundations of Art 10 Classes2020-05-06T23:08:54+08:00

Message from the Headmaster: School Year 2020-2021 Calendar Adjustments

May 6, 2020

Dear Brent Families,

We have revised next year’s calendar a second time. The first day of classes will be August 24. This will be the start date whether we meet face-to-face or are required to start online. To adjust for this later start, we have replaced several holidays with instructional days during the semester. The ability to continue with distance learning during typhoon days and the likely cancelation of some activities will also help curriculum coverage during the first semester.

The newest revision of the 2020-2021 school calendar is posted on our website. If we need to start online before moving to face-to-face, teachers will be prepared to deliver the first week of instruction without the need for students to pick up any materials.

Faculty will arrive by August 9 to provide sufficient time for class preparation and to allow for potential travel restrictions or quarantine requirements. Similarly, we request families to plan on being in the Philippines by August 9 in case there is a need to self isolate or other restrictions in place that may interfere with instruction.

Jason Atkins

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Message from the Headmaster: Headmaster’s May 4 Updates

May 4, 2020

Dear Brent Families,

Please see several updates below as we prepare to wrap up the school year. We enter the last few weeks of this semester on a very strong footing given the unusual global circumstances. We were able to complete three quarters of face-to-face instruction. Years of preparation with a variety of online tools allowed our faculty to pivot quickly to deliver online instruction. The situation is challenging, but we will continue to adapt as needed.

Completing the year online:
As I am sure most of you are aware, the enhanced community quarantine has been extended until May 15 for Metro Manila, Laguna, and most places where our students reside. Consequently, we have decided to complete all classes for the year online through the last day of school.

IB Seniors:
Our full IB diploma students finished all their final high school requirements as of April 29! All their requirements were submitted to IB on time. Students should receive their results from IB by early July, as usual.

Student Support:
Stress and anxiety caused by uncertainty and seven weeks of quarantine can be quite high. Our counselors have been reaching out to students, and many of our students have reached out to teachers and counselors for support. We are very cognizant of the challenges online learning creates. Please encourage your children to bring any concerns, fears or questions they have about their classes, homework or grades directly to their teachers. With a few weeks left in the school year, there is still time to work on any issues they may be dealing with.

Last Day for Nursery, Pre-K and Kinder is May 13:
The last day for Nursery through Kinder will be May 13th. Several online year-end celebrations are being planned for the 13th.

Last Day for Grades 1-12 is May 20:
The final day for regular classes and makeup exams is May 20. A Middle School online awards and celebration ceremony is being planned for that day as are grade level awards and celebrations for grades 1-5.

Graduation is May 22:
We continue to hold out hope for a face-to-face graduation ceremony, however, we are preparing for the real possibility of an online ceremony. Whether it is face-to-face or online, our graduation date and time will remain May 22 at 6:00pm. Details will follow when we have more information regarding the post May 15 quarantine.

We are hopeful that a less restrictive quarantine may allow families to return books and other materials for clearance after May 15. Perhaps at least accessing a bank for the Reservation and Reenrollment fee will become easier. We have sent out lists of materials that have been checked out to help families identify and collect what they need to return. We will plan an extended schedule of drop off times into late May or June. Once the quarantine is relaxed and a safe procedure for returning materials and making payments has been established, we will send an update and guidance.

Busing Refunds:
Many families have expressed their desire that our drivers, mechanics and bus attendants be provided for during this difficult time. Rest assured we are continuing to pay their salaries throughout the school year. Once the semester is over, we will assess the provision of some credit or pro-rated refunds for families who paid for fourth quarter transportation.

Next Semester:
We are currently considering some minor calendar adjustments for the start of next school year. An exact start date will be provided soon, and more information will be provided as we review our options and assess government mandates. We may need to start classes online before moving to face-to-face instruction, but that decision will be delayed as long as possible. With three months before the start of school a lot can change, and we pray it is for the better. Rest assured our students will continue receiving a quality education this coming Fall.

Tuition for 2020-2021:
There will be no tuition increase for the next school year and no increase in busing rates. This will be our third year without a tuition increase. The last increase was 2% in 2017-2018. Our ability to go a third year without an increase highlights the wise long-term financial planning of Brent’s Board. Brent is in a sound financial position, and by deferring some expenses, we will be able to weather this storm. We recognize many businesses and individuals are experiencing financial distress, and we hope deferring any rate increases will help our families manage these difficult times.

Reservation and Reenrollment:
As mentioned in an earlier email, we have delayed the Reservation and Reenrollment deadline until June 10. It will, however, be a great help to receive those forms and payments as soon as families can provide them.

It is impossible to predict what the next several months will bring, but please rest assured that we will continue to monitor developments. We will provide updates via email and our website as the new school year approaches.

We are extremely grateful for the many blessings that allow us to navigate this pandemic and to continue educating our students. Our prayers are with those who are facing hardships. We look forward to a time when we can join together in person again.

Jason Atkins

Message from the Headmaster: Headmaster’s May 4 Updates2020-05-04T11:51:27+08:00

Congratulations to Our Newest National Honor Society Members!

Every year students in grades 10-12 are invited to apply for membership in Brent’s chapter of the National Honor Society (NHS). Applications are reviewed by the NHS faculty council, and new members are selected based on their experience within four pillars: scholarship, service, leadership, and character. New members typically attend and participate in an induction ceremony, but this year a modified event was held via Zoom.

Congratulations to the following NHS members:

Sebastian Adlawan
Junhyun Back
Navya Gupta
Minsun Kim
Say-yeon Kwon
Mikaela Labadan
Junhyeok Lee
Yaein Lee
Chaerin Lim
Hyejun Mun
Joaquin Parpan
Alyza Po
Nadia Putri
Isabel Reichert
Colin Rondon
BoHyun Seog
Jasmine Subrata
Andie Tiongson

Congratulations to Our Newest National Honor Society Members!2020-04-29T07:07:42+08:00

Visual and Performing Arts

Every year, our Visual and Performing Arts program showcases our talented students and instructors during our week-long Festival of the Arts. As we continue our Distance Learning, it is heartening to see the willingness to put on a good show is unstoppable!

The Upper School Advanced Choir and Contemporary Dance classes are a testimony to the resilience and perseverance shown by our students in these trying circumstances.

We thank you, Lions, for your partnership in working through these incredibly complex times and helping fellow Brentonians get motivated!

Click to play the video: 👉 Over the Sea to Skye and Iconic

Over the Sea to Skye
Music is composed by Annie Mcleod & Robert Louis Stevenson
Arranged by Joyce Eliane Eilers

Original works by students

Visual and Performing Arts2020-04-27T07:49:36+08:00

In Him Alone are We Saved

We are proud to be part of a Christian community that demonstrates care for one another and steadfastness in these difficult times. To our family (students, teachers, parents, alumni, and staff) stay well, stay positive and prayerful. Let God fill your hearts with hope, peace and joy that only our Lord Jesus can bring.

We invite you to join us in prayer and reflect through this song. This song was composed by Manuel V. Francisco, SJ and performed by our very own alumni Mrs. Liza Chan-Parpan ‘89 on vocals and Mr. Michael Chan ‘92 on keyboard.

Click to play the video: 👉 In Him Alone

In Him Alone are We Saved2020-04-20T08:08:10+08:00

LIFE in the TIME of COVID-19

The Foundation of Art 10 class created these photographs to reflect their thoughts and emotions as they deal with the Enhanced Community Quarantine due to COVID-19. Let their works tell you a story.

We are thankful for our students’ patience, effort, and perseverance in working through this incredibly complex time. Know that all your teachers are here to support you. Well done, Lions! Stay Positive! We can do this together. Let’s finish strong.

Click to play the video: 👉  Foundation of Art 10 – Life in the Time of COVID-19

LIFE in the TIME of COVID-192020-04-20T08:18:46+08:00

Message from the Headmaster: Reservation Re-enrollment Form deadline extended to June 10

April 14, 2020

Dear Brent Families,

I understand that completing the Reservation and Re-enrollment Form and accompanying payment has been difficult for some families during the enhanced quarantine. To help, we are extending the deadline to June 10.

The information is helpful for our future planning. So, while the deadline is extended, we appreciate the completion and payment at your earliest convenience. Thank you to everyone who has already completed this process. As you plan for the future, I want to further assure you that there will be no tuition increase for the 2020-2021 school year.

The Reservation and Re-enrollment Form can be found on our website here. Since our school cashier on campus is not currently able to assist you in processing payments for any school fees, you may settle the reservation fee for the 2020-2021 school year through a bank deposit or bank transfer.

Here is a list of Brent’s dollar and peso bank account details for your reference.

Once you have made the payment for reserving a slot for the next year, please email a scanned copy or photo of the Reservation and Re-enrolment Form together with the proof of payment (via direct deposit or online payment) to Our Accounting Office will issue an official receipt as soon as offices resume. For company dependents, you only need to email the Reservation and Re-enrollment Form.

Email for further assistance.

Jason Atkins

Message from the Headmaster: Reservation Re-enrollment Form deadline extended to June 102020-04-14T19:14:23+08:00

Message from the Headmaster: Online Learning Update

April 12, 2020

Dear Brent Family,

As you may have already heard, the quarantine has been extended to April 30. Our online learning will start again Monday, April 13 and continue through at least April 30. We will still observe Friday, May 1 as a holiday.

Happy Easter and God bless.

Jason Atkins

Message from the Headmaster: Online Learning Update2020-04-12T18:34:02+08:00