The Brent Aqualions joined the ISM Spring Meet 2023 held April 22-23, 2023. Overall, Aqualions ranked 5th out of the 13 teams that joined the event.

Special mentions:

  • Most Outstanding Swimmer in the 15 Over Girls category and FINA Highest Point Award for Girls: Micaela Mojdeh (gr. 11)
  • 3rd Place in the 200 Medley Relay for 13 Over Boys: Ethan Waskiewicz (gr. 10), Marty Uson (gr. 8), Ethan Hodges (gr. 12), Junseo Park (gr. 10)
  • 3rd Place in the 200M Medley Relay and 3rd Place in the 200M Freestyle for Boys 11-12: Pieter Van Der Auwera (gr. 7), Johan Marcelo (gr. 6), Kazuo Inting (gr. 6), Sebastian Montenegro (gr. 6)
  • 3rd Place in the 100M Freestyle Relay for Boys 9-10: Stefan Castro (gr. 4), Berton Montenegro (gr. 3), Kyotaro Eguchi (gr. 4), Kengo Nomoto (gr. 4)
  • 3rd Place in the 100 Freestyle Relay for Girls 9-10: Kaidyn Waskiewicz (gr. 4), Kai Honrado (gr. 3), Jamilla Ferrer (gr. 4), Keiko Inting (gr. 5)
  • 1st Place in the 100M Medley Relay, 2nd in the 100M Freestyle Relay for Boys 8 Under: Chaim Hamberg (gr. 2), Greyson Nuval (gr. 2), Santiago Hilario (gr. 2), Matthew Bradley (gr. 2), Duke Brooks (gr. 2).
  • 2nd Place in the 100M Freestyle Relay for Girls 8 Under: Manuela Borromeo Alvarez (gr. 2), Emilia Puno (gr. 2), Yumo Du (gr. 22), Kanna Sato (gr. 3)

A job well done to all of the Brent Aqualion swimmers who participated in this event. A big shoutout to all the Aqualion parents who came to support the team.♥️