Congratulations to our ISAC Girls Football Team and Boys Basketball Team for a wonderful representation of the Brent Pride during the recently concluded ISAC Tournament held on our campus. Other teams who were part of the tournament include BISB, BISS, BSM, CIS and SISC.

The Girls Football Team came very close to making the semi finals. Considering that their opponents are on varsity teams, it makes us even more proud of the achievement of this younger team.

The Boys Basketball Team beat SISC in a thrilling win to get the Bronze trophy. This is a terrific feat considering that they play older opponents as well.

Special Mentions include the ALL ISAC winners:
Girls Football – Natalie Ward (gr. 9) and Solenne Gonzalez (gr. 7)
Boys Basketball – James Alvez (gr. 12) and Weslee Barbosa (gr. 9)