How to add reviews to the Media Center OPAC

  1. Open up the Media Center Link on the Brent Homepage.
  2. Open up the On-line Library System Link
  3. Click on Middle/Upper School Manila
  4. You should be in the Library Search option. Log in upper right corner as – bookreviewer use the password – review
  5. Find the book you want to review open up that link
  6. Look for the link that says – reviews – open it
  7. Type in your review in the block that says – Comments. Be sure you have your name, section (homeroom) and class (teacher’s name)
  8. Submit it by clicking on – Save It. You can also rate the book from 1 to 5 stars.
  9. If accepted it should appear the next school day.

Faculty may add reviews at any time by simply logging in on your personal Destiny login. Doing that will list the review by your names as opposed to the generic “bookreviewer”.