Reservation and Re-Enrollment for 2023-2024

Please reserve a seat for the 2023-2024 school year, or withdraw through the Registrar’s Office (This does not pertain to Brent’s Grade 12 students, or to those applying to Brent.)

The Reservation and Re-Enrollment Form, and other documents, can be downloaded from our website:

Reservation and Re-Enrollment Form
School Fees
Payment Options

Please pay the Re-Enrollment Deposit, and complete and submit Page 2 of the Reservation and Re-Enrollment Form, before April 28, 2023. Note: The completed form does not reserve the slot, the payment does. Brent School cannot guarantee that a seat will be available if the US$ 1,000.00 Re-Enrollment Fee and the Reservation Form are not received before April 28, 2023. Slots are limited and this ensures that your child has a seat reserved for the 2023-2024 school year, and that Brent can accurately plan.

A 100% refund of the Reservation Slot is available until June 16, 2023, which makes it easy to reserve a slot now even if your plans for the new school year are not certain.

Thank you for your efforts in meeting the April 28 deadline to reserve or withdraw. It is important and appreciated.

Jason Atkins