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Congratulations to IB Visual Arts Class of 2021!

Congratulations to our IB Visual Arts Class of 2021 for their successful completion of their art exhibit “UNMASKED.” Way to go, Lions!

That the students chose the word “UNMASKED” as their class exhibition title to highlight this art show is a revelation of sorts. They are exposing their thoughts and feelings through their works. They are uncovering their messages through their visuals. The works depict their experiences, unveiling their inner musings and baring their beliefs.

You may visit this page to view these artworks:

Congratulations to IB Visual Arts Class of 2021!2021-04-06T07:48:41+08:00

International Food Festival Online Talent Show, “CONNECTED!”

Despite the distance, Brent Lions from all over the world worked on performances for the amazing International Food Festival Online Talent Show, “CONNECTED!” From Korea, Japan, Spain, China, and more, these Lions were unstoppable. Neither distance nor a pandemic could hold them back!

Way to go, Lions, for great performances, dedication, and collaboration. What a wonderful feeling it is to be part of the Brent Pride!

International Food Festival Online Talent Show, “CONNECTED!”2021-03-27T17:01:45+08:00

Bad Auditions……on Camera!

Congratulations to the cast, crew, and directors of our recent Upper School Theatre Showcase, Bad Auditions……on Camera! The cast gave amazing performances and the directors and crew did a great job putting the whole show together. Your hard work paid off. It was a great show. Bravo, Lions! Well done!

Bad Auditions……on Camera!2021-03-22T08:39:30+08:00

Congratulations to the Junior Council and Gawad Kalinga Club!

Congratulations to the Junior Council and Gawad Kalinga Club for the Success of Their Virtual Webinar Project, “Lumen”

The goal of this event was to encourage children in the orphanage to think about their dreams and jobs they want to pursue when they grow up.

It is heartening to witness Brent students finding ways to make a difference in the lives of others, despite the current pandemic situation. Truly embodying the goal of their Brent education which is to have a well-lived, and meaningful life that is of service to others.

Way to go, Lions! Keep up the good work.

Congratulations to the Junior Council and Gawad Kalinga Club!2021-03-19T07:40:36+08:00

We Care For Our Students

Challenging times are always easier when we go through it together. Praying for one another, encouraging each other, watching out for each other, and doing little things daily to help one another make the tough times bearable.

We are less than three months away from finishing the school year, which means we’ve overcome many difficulties together. This year has been a challenge for the Brent Pride, but instead of feeling defeated Lions have risen up and found ways to celebrate.

Classes, workshops, concerts, meet-ups, and camps may all have been done virtually, but the whole community helped to make sure that we continue these traditions and made efforts (big and small alike) to reach out to one another. The video highlights some of the things that helped us as a community to stay resilient. We are forever grateful!

We Care For Our Students2021-03-16T08:21:32+08:00

Congratulations to the Geek Squad!

Congratulations to the Geek Squad for the Success of their TechBlaze Workshops

The Geek Squad’s TechBlaze team, led by Luis Oyson (gr. 11), successfully commenced their first two online workshops. With the help of their sponsor, Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), there were more than 125 participants in their first workshop, and 75 participants in their second workshop.

Students from schools in Manila and South Korea participated in the event. Students, alumni and other guest speakers presented topics on entrepreneurship and technology.

Some of the Brent team and presenters included the following alumni and students:

Eugene Enclona ‘17 – My Journey to Google, Bachelor of Science in Engineering at University of Pennsylvania
Matthew Paulino ‘20 – Sustainable Technology, student at University of British Columbia
Bea Rondon ‘19 – on Being a Founding member of WiTech California, student at UC Davis
Seher Bhaskar (gr. 10) – Using Coda.IO
Aly Tuason (gr. 10) – The Basics of Starting a Business
Olivia Kwon (gr. 11) – Game Development
Luis Oyson (gr. 11) – The Startup Mindset, AI Technology
Isaac Destura (gr. 12) and Colin Rondon (gr. 12) were part of security during the workshops.

The online situation this school year didn’t stop our Geek Squad members in persevering towards making a difference in the lives of others. They found yet another way to help other students by giving them access not just to technology but by giving them knowledge that is necessary to help empower and inspire entrepreneurship and interest in technology and computer science.

Way to go, Lions! Best of luck on your third and final workshop happening on March 27.

For more details, you may contact or visit their website:

Congratulations to the Geek Squad!2021-03-12T16:00:16+08:00

We are 100 days smarter!

Our kindergarten friends celebrated 100 days of school. What a fun way to reflect and see how far we’ve all come. Celebrating growth, friendships, and academic achievements. Way to go, Kindergarten Lions!

We are 100 days smarter!2021-02-16T07:45:05+08:00

What is it that you love about our school?

There are so many things we love about Brent! With more than 100 years of education experience, we are grateful to be part of a school with so many outstanding qualities that we are proud of.

We are proud of our holistic education approach that gives our students opportunities to grow mentally, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually. During this time of online learning, we are especially proud of our students and teachers who continue to persevere in making sure that the rigors of academics will not suffer despite the difficulties the pandemic has brought. Our students are ready for success in universities around the world because of their unique talents and abilities, and the excellent foundation they’ve received at Brent. We are proud of our Alumni, doing great things out in the wide, wide world. We are proud of our inclusive international community where families celebrate diversity and respect each other’s differences. We love Brent!


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Canadian Mathematics Contest

Last November, selected US students competed in the 2020 Canadian Senior Mathematics Contest and the Canadian Intermediate Mathematics Contest at home supervised by parents during a Zoom meeting. The contest is a challenging written test with just 10 questions. We had six Grade 11/12 students achieve the top 25% distinction. We also want to congratulate our Grade 7 to Grade 10 students for competing in the “Grade 10 or below” contest! Note that we had students from Grade 7 to Grade 10 who competed in the contest for students “Grade 10 or below”.

Special mention to Seher Bhaskar (gr.10) our school Intermediate winner who achieved a distinction in the intermediate contest and to Garyeong Ko (gr.11) our school Senior winner who achieved a distinction in the senior contest. Way to go, Lions!

Canadian Mathematics Contest2021-02-03T07:57:48+08:00

Welcome 2021!

It’s a new year, Lions! New beginnings, new memories to make, new challenges to overcome, new experiences and learnings to explore. Even if the pandemic is still around us, we have great hope that our community will come together stronger just like in the past. Let’s continue encouraging and supporting each other.

This semester, we look forward to more exciting virtual events that will bring our community together. We recognize the important roles of everyone in our community, particularly our parents in supporting our children, encouraging them, listening to their stories, and helping our school to best support them. All the work and support everyone does in our community is appreciated. We look forward to continuing a good partnership this semester.

Have a great 2021, Brent Family! Hope to see you all soon!

Welcome 2021!2021-01-11T08:17:52+08:00