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Year-End Chapel Celebration

Chapel Celebration for the Brent Pride is not just a time of reflection or expressing our faith in a living God. It is also a time to learn and grow together, to encourage one another, and to pray for each other.

Every school year is different. This one is “extra-different.” We will remember this as the year when Chapel was held virtually the whole school year, with God being closer to every Brent family’s home.

We are thankful for another year of Chapel celebrations. Thank you for all your support and contributions in making this school year’s Chapel celebration a success.

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The Brent Moving Up Song

It’s not just any song. It’s a celebration of our milestones. It’s a timeless Brent tradition. It signifies success, camaraderie, and most of all FAMILY Celebration. You all did very well, Lions! You deserve a pat on the back!

The Brent Moving Up Song2021-05-20T12:13:14+08:00

Varsity Council Presents 21 Stories

On Wednesday, May 5, the Varsity Council hosted a successful Upper School Virtual Chapel Assembly. All 21 student members shared with us some advice on getting through this virtual school year. If you missed it, here is your opportunity to hear their 21 Stories.

An amazing message by an amazing council that continues to reimagine ways to lift the Brent community up. Thank you, Varsity Council!

Varsity Council Presents 21 Stories2021-05-07T09:13:20+08:00

Congratulations Class of 2021!

Congratulations Class of 2021 for all the wonderful college acceptances you’ve received!

University acceptances for the Class of 2021 are rolling in. Congratulations seniors for finishing the year strong. Class of 2021, your perseverance and resilience is admirable! You were able to handle the rigors of academics well despite the pandemic. We are confident that you are off to a great start in your great adventure! Well done, Class of 2021!

Congratulations Class of 2021!2021-05-06T07:47:06+08:00

Keep Up The Great Work, Lions!

Lions, you’ve worked hard and we’d like to take this opportunity to celebrate YOU! It’s less than one month away from finishing the school year and yet you’ve all been continuously working so hard and going for the extra mile! Just these two weeks alone, we’ve had so many amazing activities and performances that you took part in. Keep up the GREAT work, Lions! We got this!

Keep Up The Great Work, Lions!2021-04-23T07:48:35+08:00

Literature Week 2021 “Old Worlds, New Worlds & Other Worlds” was a success!

Literature Week 2021 “Old Worlds, New Worlds & Other Worlds” was a success!

Reading, and the love for literature, has always been a priority for Brentonians. The annual celebration of Literature Week is an event our community looks forward to. More needed than ever, literature provides an escape and helps us continue to grow as we cope with hardships.

This school year some of the activities of Literature Week included a Book Character Dress Up, Mystery Reader, Spelling Bee, Show & Tell, Author Visit by Mr. Lysley Tenorio, and Reading Buddies–a beloved Brent tradition that promotes and builds a community of readers. Our little kids (and big kids!) all enjoyed Literature Week 2021!

Literature Week 2021 “Old Worlds, New Worlds & Other Worlds” was a success!2021-04-12T07:41:18+08:00

Congratulations to IB Visual Arts Class of 2021!

Congratulations to our IB Visual Arts Class of 2021 for their successful completion of their art exhibit “UNMASKED.” Way to go, Lions!

That the students chose the word “UNMASKED” as their class exhibition title to highlight this art show is a revelation of sorts. They are exposing their thoughts and feelings through their works. They are uncovering their messages through their visuals. The works depict their experiences, unveiling their inner musings and baring their beliefs.

You may visit this page to view these artworks:

Congratulations to IB Visual Arts Class of 2021!2021-04-06T07:48:41+08:00

International Food Festival Online Talent Show, “CONNECTED!”

Despite the distance, Brent Lions from all over the world worked on performances for the amazing International Food Festival Online Talent Show, “CONNECTED!” From Korea, Japan, Spain, China, and more, these Lions were unstoppable. Neither distance nor a pandemic could hold them back!

Way to go, Lions, for great performances, dedication, and collaboration. What a wonderful feeling it is to be part of the Brent Pride!

International Food Festival Online Talent Show, “CONNECTED!”2021-03-27T17:01:45+08:00

Bad Auditions……on Camera!

Congratulations to the cast, crew, and directors of our recent Upper School Theatre Showcase, Bad Auditions……on Camera! The cast gave amazing performances and the directors and crew did a great job putting the whole show together. Your hard work paid off. It was a great show. Bravo, Lions! Well done!

Bad Auditions……on Camera!2021-03-22T08:39:30+08:00

Congratulations to the Junior Council and Gawad Kalinga Club!

Congratulations to the Junior Council and Gawad Kalinga Club for the Success of Their Virtual Webinar Project, “Lumen”

The goal of this event was to encourage children in the orphanage to think about their dreams and jobs they want to pursue when they grow up.

It is heartening to witness Brent students finding ways to make a difference in the lives of others, despite the current pandemic situation. Truly embodying the goal of their Brent education which is to have a well-lived, and meaningful life that is of service to others.

Way to go, Lions! Keep up the good work.

Congratulations to the Junior Council and Gawad Kalinga Club!2021-03-19T07:40:36+08:00