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TED Talk Style Event

Congratulations to all Grade 5 students, teachers, families, and friends for a successful TED Talk style event via Zoom. Your perseverance and dedication surely paid off! You seized the opportunity to reimagine education during Distance Learning. Keep going, Lions! You’ve got this!

TED Talk Style Event2020-04-06T13:55:11+08:00

Way to go, Lions!

Showing the grit that comes from being a member of the Brent Pride, Middle School students are trying different ways to keep busy and develop new skills through passion projects amidst distance learning. Our MS students are being healthy, safe, and engaged in their studies.

Way to go, Lions!2020-04-03T11:29:08+08:00

Online School Counselors

The evolving situation may be causing students some anxiety, but know that none of us are alone. Students are encouraged to reach out to their school counselors if they want someone to talk to. Our remarkable administrators, faculty, and staff are here to support our students. Together, the Brent Pride can do this!

Online School Counselors2020-03-25T07:52:52+08:00

Distance Education

Starting last March 13, on our second day of Distance Education, Brent’s Senior IB Art students started on their IB studio exhibition and internal assessment component and are currently finalizing their uploads to IB. We hope to put together a video of their artwork soon, but in the meantime, let’s celebrate the talents and achievements of these artistic students.

“Art is too important not to share.” – Romero Britto

Distance Education2020-03-22T14:46:25+08:00

Congratulations to Badminton Varsity Girls and Boys Teams!

CONGRATULATIONS to Ciara Tan, Ynah Legarde, Navya Gupta, Jungbin Moon, Scarlet Moon, and Amy Seog of the Varsity Girls Badminton Team; and for Aryan Dikshit, Austin Ramsay, Tommy Heo, and Shintaro Montiero of the Boys Team, for winning both 4th place, in their first LSMS badminton tournament.

Congratulations to Badminton Varsity Girls and Boys Teams!2020-03-11T08:00:05+08:00

Congratulations to all the cast, crew, and advisers of Beauty and the Beast!

Congratulations to all the cast, crew, and advisers of our recent Upper School Major Production, Beauty and the Beast. Teamwork truly makes the dream work. Bravo, Lions! Well done! 

Special shout out to Tyra Parker (Gr. 10) for doing a great job as sound operator for all three performances. This was Tyra’s first time to mix 18 microphones in the sound booth. It is a first in Brent’s history of performances to have a student manage the sound system during a major production. Tyra was calm, focused, and controlled the sound system like a pro. Way to go, Tyra!

Congratulations to all the cast, crew, and advisers of Beauty and the Beast!2020-03-10T07:25:44+08:00

Way to go, Kira Ellis!

Congratulations to Kira Ellis (gr. 8) for finishing 2nd place in the National Age Group Triathlon (NAGT) Series Leg 1 (F13-15 category) on January 26 at San Bernardino, Subic Bay Freeport. This is a big step in her goal of qualifying for the 2022 Junior Olympics in Triathlon.

Way to go, Kira Ellis!2020-02-03T08:15:32+08:00

Together We Can!

Our Jammas, Maintenance and all of the staff helped cleanup the Taal ash fall. Our faculty worked toward the online delivery of classes. It is a big job, and everyone worked hard in bringing back our campus to its normal state.

Everyone’s flexibility and positive approach to our difficult situation showed the resiliency of the Brentonian. You all set the positive tone and create a safe environment our students need to grow academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. A big “Thank you!” to everyone. We can do this!

Together We Can!2020-01-17T07:57:39+08:00

SENIA Youth Club

SENIA Youth Club, led by Kiyoshii Wakamatsu (gr. 11) and Oliver Reeves (gr. 11), hosted a Christmas Party for over 60 children with special needs in Biñan.

SENIA Youth Club2019-12-20T11:25:08+08:00