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Congratulations to APAC Choir and APAC Orchestra!

Congratulations APAC Choir and APAC Orchestra for outstanding performances during our first season APAC Conference! Even though APAC Dance in Hong Kong was cancelled, our APAC Dance troupe gave amazing performances at Brent; Thursday for the APAC Choir Opening Ceremony, and Friday for our Upper School students. Way to Go, Lions!

Congratulations to APAC Choir and APAC Orchestra!2019-11-20T07:25:24+08:00

Congratulations to the Aqualions team!

The Aqualions represented Brent well at the UNIS Invitational 2019 Swim Meet held last November 9-10, 2019 in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Special mention goes to:
Jasmine Mojdeh (gr. 8), 1st Place – 13-14 Girls
Sophia Villamil (gr. 10), 3rd Place – 15 Over Girls

3rd Place – 13-14 Girls Medley Relay:
Caymian Lamb (gr.7)
Natalie Ward (gr. 6)
Natalia Javier (gr. 6)
Jasmine Mojdeh (gr. 8)

Congratulations to the Aqualions team!2019-11-15T07:43:50+08:00

Congratulations to APAC Teams

Congratulations to the APAC Teams for a wonderful representation of Brent Pride during Our First Season APAC Conference. Go, Lions!

Volleyball Girls: 2nd Place and Sportsmanship Award
All APAC Awardees: Mackenzie Atkins, Andie Tiongson and Blessing Webb

Volleyball Boys: 3rd Place
All APAC Awardees: Joaquin Azanza and Ben Carlson

Tennis Girls: 2nd Place and Sportsmanship Award
Sophia Ochoa – 3rd Place

Tennis Boys: 5th Place and Sportsmanship Award

Cross Country Girls: 6th Place
Olivia Kwon – 4th Place
Lauren Plaza – 6th Place

Cross Country Boys: 4th Place
William Leggatt – 2nd Place
Joseph Leggatt – 3rd Place
Josh Buenavista – 4th Place

Baseball: 4th Place
All APAC Awardees: Pablo Garcia and Gavin Seabolt

Congratulations to APAC Teams2019-11-06T08:19:08+08:00

Way to go, Frances Rocha!

Frances Rocha (gr. 9) raced in and completed the Spartan Sprint that took place in Pampanga this October 26-27, 2019. Frances raced alongside adults and persevered. It was an adventure that taught her not only to face the physical challenges but to keep going in spite of difficulties.

Way to go, Frances Rocha!2019-11-05T07:53:00+08:00

Congratulations to SEAMC Team!

The Southeast Asian Math Competition (SEAMC) senior team travelled to Garden International School in Kuala Lumpur for the World Mathematics Championship Qualifier that took place from October 17th to 19th. Brent’s team competed against some of the strongest schools in South East Asia and won 10 medals.

Chaeeun Moon (gr.10) received Gold (Challenge rounds), Silver (Knowledge rounds), and Silver (Creativity rounds) medals.
Hyunwoo Cho (gr. 11) received Silver (Collaboration rounds) and Gold (Strategy rounds) medals.
Sanghyun Seo (gr. 11) received Gold (Challenge rounds), Bronze (Knowledge rounds) and Silver (Strategy rounds) medals.
Chaerin Lim (gr. 12) received a Bronze (Knowledge rounds) medal.
Huaye Zeng (gr. 12) received a Silver (Strategy rounds) medal.
Chaeeun Moon, Huaye Zeng, Sanghyun Seo and Yaein Lee (gr. 12) also qualified for the World Mathematics Championship Finals in Melbourne, Australia.

Congratulations to the whole SEAMC team for a great representation of Brent Pride!

Congratulations to SEAMC Team!2019-10-24T09:08:23+08:00

It’s a Terrrrriffficc Friday!

Our Lions were busy today with back-to-back activities. Brent’s brand new eight-court Tennis Center was blessed by Fr. Jance, and we had our first Tennis Slam Cookout. The Middle School Production of Seussical Jr. was performed at Brent’s Theater.

It’s a great day to be a Brentonian!

It’s a Terrrrriffficc Friday!2019-10-12T10:13:22+08:00

Way to go, Audrey Herrera-Lim!

Audrey Herrera-Lim (gr. 11), joined the “Open Future Essay Competition” for 16-25 year olds of The Economist newspaper in London. Participants were asked to answer the question of what fundamental changes were needed to effectively respond to climate change. Audrey’s paper was one of those that stood out from over 2,400 entries. The Economist has posted an excerpt of her essay along with a few others at:

Way to go, Audrey Herrera-Lim!2019-09-30T07:55:42+08:00

Way to go Katyann Baldwin!

Katyann Baldwin (gr. 9) received 2nd Runner Up at the Mt. Bulalo Uphill Challenge in Bay Laguna on August 25, 2019. Way to go, Lion!

Way to go Katyann Baldwin!2019-09-12T07:46:58+08:00