1st season APAC Visual and Performing Arts groups have returned from their trips abroad. Congratulations to the teams for a good representation of the Brent Pride!

The APAC Choir proudly showcased the spirit of Brent Pride at Seoul Foreign School in Korea. Their repertoire included enchanting renditions of “Someone To Watch Over Me” and “Kay Ganda ng Ating Musika” during the individual school performances. Culminating the APAC event, the choir, alongside five other schools, united as a mass choir under the guidance of guest conductor Dr. Michael Barrett-Berg from South Africa. Beyond the harmonious performances, the group forged strong bonds within their team and with students from other APAC schools. Additionally, they embraced the opportunity to immerse themselves in diverse Korean and African cultures, gaining valuable insights through their experience and the songs they passionately performed.

The APAC Dance event took place at Hong Kong International School with the theme ‘Spark, Ignite and Engage’. Brent showcased a captivating piece titled ‘Muses’, featuring nine goddesses from ancient Greek mythology who served as inspiration in the arts. These mythical figures were the driving force of individuals expressing themselves through various art forms. The performance, choreographed by Venus Basas and Fred Fernandez, stood out and received a warm reception. In addition to our school’s presentation, delegates showcased ‘fusion’ pieces skillfully choreographed and performed by student dancers.

The APAC Orchestra concluded with a concert on Saturday, November 18, 2023, at United Nation International School, Hanoi, Vietnam. Brent’s representatives showcased exceptional talent in a remarkable musical collaboration involving five other international schools namely: Canadian Academy, Hong Kong International School, Seoul Foreign School, Taejon Christian International School, and the host school. Under the guidance of Ms. Lori Buonamici, a highly sought-after conductor and clinician, the orchestra delivered an outstanding performance. The theme for the occasion, “Music in Motion,” encapsulated the repertoire and essence of the APAC Orchestra 2023.