Dear Brent Families,

Members Divisional Office of the Department of Education’s visited our campus yesterday for about an hour and forty-five minutes. Our preliminary visit went extremely well, and we look forward to hosting a larger team that includes regional and central office members for a full ocular on Monday afternoon.

Thank you to everyone who took time to fill out our surveys. They are very helpful for planning. Currently 68% of families definitely plan to send their children to campus once permission is given for in-person instruction.

If you have not already completed a Parental Consent and Waiver Form for each child, please do so soon. It is a DepEd requirement, and we will not be able to accept students on campus without it.

We will run the student vaccination survey for Middle and Upper School students again at a later date, but at this point we already have an impressive 60% of respondents saying their children are fully vaccinated.

Thank you for your support.

Jason Atkins