Vol. XXIV • Issue 12 • October 22, 2021 •


Message From The Principal

Dear ELC & LS Parents,

Today, we are celebrating United Nations Day! As an international school, Brent values each of the cultures represented in our community yet at the same time relishes our unity as one big family. Thank you all for arranging the national costumes for your children! If you are able to, do send a full shot of your child in national costume to his or her teacher for our GANZA photos collection.

Next week, the students get to dress up once again for our SPIRIT Week, which is also our first Lower School House Event for the year! For each day a student dresses up in the theme for the day, he or she earns a point for his or her House. The House that has the highest participation rate will be declared the Spirit Week House Champion. The themes and examples for each day’s theme are found in the poster below.

We always end Spirit Week with our House Day, which will be on Friday, October 29. For this day, we will have our House Photos and the House Rally. This year we are doing this by school level. The Lower School House Photos and House Rally will follow this schedule:


There will be no ELC and LS Chapel-Assemblies for October 28-29 to focus on Spirit Week and our House Day. Classes will be partially disrupted for the duration of the House Photos and House Rally. Block 2 on Friday will start at 10AM.

Finally this Sunday, October 24, is the deadline for Grade 3 to 5 students to submit their LS Christmas Production video recordings. If your child has not turned it in, please refer to the email that was sent out to parents on Wednesday, October 13, laying out the guidelines for students on how to record their song performances. We are following a strict timeline in putting together our Christmas Production videos so a timely and correct video submission is much appreciated.

Warm regards,


Michelle R. Jingco


Important Dates

26-30SPIRIT Week
30ELC & LS House Rallies
7Release of School Reports
10Parent-Teacher Conference Day
20UN Day Parade
26Lower School (N-5) Neon Fun Run/Walk



Are We There Yet?

Teacher: Alright! Make sure you turn in your work by the end of the day. Any questions?

Student: Yes. When is the year going to be done?

Age Matters

Teacher: There is a saying that wisdom comes with age.

7-yr old: Then my mom must be really smart. When I was born, she was already old.

Space Invaders

Teacher: Where do you find germs?

Class: Everywhere!

PK Student: It’s not just germs that are everywhere… it’s also CORONAVIRUSES!!! (Eeew!)


Spirit Week Themes 2021

Spirit Week Themes