Christmas is a month-long celebration in the Brent community. For weeks leading up to Christmas, we celebrate weekly with a wonderful showcase of student talents in singing, acting, dancing, and playing instruments.

This school year is no different – we had the LS Christmas Production entitled CAKE (Christmas Acts of Kindness), ELC Production’s MK Christmas Special, and the Annual Christmas Concert and Art Exhibition.

We may have celebrated again virtually this year, but the joyful Christmas spirit in our hearts remained the same. The virtual presentation made it possible for family and friends to watch our performances even from far away countries, and for that we are grateful.

This makes the reason for these productions successful! We celebrate the birth of our Saviour and we continue to remain hopeful despite difficulties around us, because Christ is born and this gives us plenty of hope for we know that God is in control.

Merry Christmas, Everyone! May the Lord Jesus Christ bless your homes and fill it with love, hope, and joy.