November 29, 2021

Dear Brent Families,

Later today I will present to DepEd, DOH, and hopefully the IATF our plan for bringing students back to in-person instruction. In addition to the many safety features and protocols we have established, we will demonstrate our suggested HyFlex Model for instruction. The HyFlex Model is briefly explained below. Assuming we are given approval to return to in-person instruction, your children will learn more about this instructional setup in the coming weeks.

Our survey results suggest approximately two thirds of our students will initially return to in-person instruction. Some students are still overseas or in other provinces, and some families still have concerns about health. This ratio would further lower our physical class sizes from about 16 to an average of approximately 12 students, and it lends itself to a HyFlex instructional model.

HyFlex, first developed at San Francisco State University, places students in the classroom and online at the same time. Students in both settings receive synchronous instruction from the teacher. HyFlex makes classes available to students in-person or online, and materials available during or after class. All students, regardless of the setting, will achieve the same learning objectives.

With pandemic uncertainties this allows maximum flexibility for changing circumstances whether regionally or individually. Students, teachers and entire classes can move seamlessly from an in-person modality to online classes from one day to the next. This allows students or teachers to continue instruction even if in quarantine due to exposure to COVID-19.

Brent’s on-site medical professionals can monitor regional alert levels, assess any campus health issues and liaison with local government agencies to recommend responses based on current circumstances. The HyFlex model allows for quick adaptation to these recommendations.

Each classroom is equipped with an LCD projector and screen, which can be connected to a teacher’s laptop or desktop computer. All students have access to the internet and devices to connect with Zoom when not physically in the classroom. We have recently added 100MB of bandwidth to the campus internet, and we are adding more access points to improve our Wi-Fi. Furthermore additional cameras and other equipment are being supplied to teachers depending on the needs of their individual teaching style and subject area.

There will be adjustments once synchronous instruction begins, but we believe this basic structure of the HyFlex model provides the greatest flexibility and is most suited to the uncertainties we continue to face going forward.

Jason Atkins