November 12, 2021

Hello Brent Families,

We here at Brent are excitedly anticipating our return to in-person classes. As of today, November 12, the IATF has not given approval for any of the international schools to conduct classes. However, fewer COVID cases, lowered alert levels, and increased vaccine supplies all point toward openings in the near future.

Brent has received endorsements from our Barangay Captain, Mayor and Congresswoman. The Department of Education has promised an inspection next week, and an endorsement by the Department of Health to the IATF should be the next step.

Laguna, where Brent is located, remains under alert level 3, while the National Capital Region has been lowered to alert level 2. Still, we are making progress. I am confident that our safety preparations are on par with any in the country, and I believe we will receive approval to conduct classes on campus as soon as the IATF feels our region is ready.

In the meantime, please don’t lose focus on academics. There is only one month before final exams. That’s only about 12 Day One and 12 Day Two classes.

I look forward to seeing you all in-person soon.

Take care,
Jason Atkins