November 18, 2021

Dear Brent Families,

As we approach the Christmas holidays, you may be making plans that include travel that will be extended by various quarantine requirements. Please rest assured that if government permission to open comes soon, we will maintain an online option for students who are unable to physically attend.

The global pattern seen in schools reopening has often included a time of fluctuation between online and in-person instruction. We hope this will not last too long, but it is important to expect a period of hybrid instruction where we will all need to remain nimble and adapt to changing circumstances.

Our classes are equipped with projectors and screens that will make it possible to maintain our online classes while also delivering in-person instruction. In addition to the bandwidth recently added, we are beefing up wifi access points in several locations around campus.

Just as when we moved classes online, our faculty will spend some transition time analyzing which specific hybrid structures work best for them in their particular subject area. Our IT staff are prepared to provide support with additional hardware or software so individual teachers have options to maximize their instruction.

As important as the academic program is, our students’ social and emotional needs during at least the first week or two of our return to in-person classes will be prioritized. Brent’s educational mission has always been focused on the development of the whole child whether academically, socially, emotionally, physically or spiritually. The nonacademic areas have been more challenging to serve during online instruction, and we look forward to the opportunities that a return to campus provides.

Take Care and God Bless,

Jason Atkins