Dear Brent Families,

I realize this is a long message, but it is important for everyone to be aware of the points summarized below as we prepare to re-open.

Our campus visit on Monday, November 29 included representatives from all key government agencies, and our proposal was well received. We anticipate official approval to start the process of returning to in-person instruction soon.

A staged approach will provide the smoothest return, and is encouraged by DepEd. We will begin by bringing small groups from each school level to campus after online classes between 3:30pm and 5:30pm. This will give time for initial socialization, counselor presentations and acclimatization back to campus. We will also present students with important safety protocols.

There are only eleven days of school left in the semester, and we are still waiting for official permission, but we still feel it is important to begin the transition back to campus as soon as permission is given. So, the final two weeks of this semester would be focused on orientation activities. Actual in-person classes would likely begin next semester.

Individual grade levels will receive more information from their respective principals as we move forward, but there are a number of overarching points everyone should be aware of in planning to send your children back to in-person instruction the beginning of next semester.

  • Even if you will not initially send your children to campus for classes, everyone should complete a Parental Consent and Waiver Form. It is ideal if the form is already completed by time you’ve made the decision to send your children to Brent for classes.
  • Once the presentations and social acclimatization activities are completed, those students choosing to return to campus should plan for regular full days of classes. Quality education depends on established routines allowing learning time to be maximized. We therefore recommend families who send their students to campus to please continue daily attendance as much as possible. Our HyFlex model allows for quick switching between in-class and online as necessary, but maintaining a consistent modality will ultimately be better for learning.
  • For the first month or two there will be no busing available, so please consider your transportation options. We are aware of the issues this creates for some of our students, and we hope to return to regular busing soon, but in the near future it is not possible.
  • When in-person classes begin, students should arrive to campus with packed lunches from home. Like busing, the cafeteria will be phased into operation at a later date.
  • Parents, yayas and drivers will not be allowed on campus. Limiting non-student and non-employee access to campus is an important part of our safety plan.
  • Students will be required to wear masks. Before sending your children to campus, please check that their masks are comfortable and are laundered regularly. In addition to school supplies, it may be helpful to send students with a personal kit including a water bottle, hand sanitizer etc.
  • We ask everyone not to post photos taken on campus on social media. The initial return to campus will be a time of heightened scrutiny. Please help us remind and monitor your children.

There will certainly be adjustment issues returning to campus, but we are excited to see students in-person, and we know each new challenge will be met with the positive Bayanihan spirit our community adopted when we first moved online.

Jason Atkins