Dear Brent Families,

Merry Christmas! The Department of Education has deemed our proposal workable, and we have been given approval to implement our plan. With nine days remaining in the semester, it is not an ideal transition time, but we are still committed to starting the process.

You will hear from the school levels soon about opportunities for students to be on campus for social acclimatization activities, safety protocol training and counselor presentations.

Classes will shift from fully online to our HyFlex model next semester. More details will be sent the week of January 3-7, 2022 once the current situation is assessed.

We will likely need to make multiple adjustments throughout the coming semester, but our HyFlex model is designed specifically for adaptability, and the government’s approval to implement our plan is a huge step toward regular in-person instruction.

Again, please wait to hear from your child’s school level office about the next steps. Receiving approval is a great Christmas gift for the whole Brent Family. I hope you are able to enjoy our Lower School Christmas Production tonight, December 3, and our Christmas Concert and Art Exhibit Tuesday, December 7.

God bless you all.

Jason Atkins