August 8, 2020

Dear Brent Family,

It has been about two weeks since my last update announcing that classes will begin online, and two weeks remain before the first day of instruction. During that time meetings have continued with principals, teachers and department heads discussing ways to prepare for the upcoming school year. Professional Zoom licenses and other software like Go Formative are being prepared.

While we learned a lot about online instruction last quarter, this will be the first time we have started a school year from a distance. Class lists and course changes may take some extra time. The weekly newsletters from each school level provide a lot of helpful information.

Lower School Newsletter

Middle School Newsletter

Upper School Newsletter

These will help keep you updated during these ever-changing times. Please also note that, although some faculty and students remain outside the country, we will still be following a daily Philippine based timetable to start the semester.

Some families have expressed concern about how they will get materials given that current quarantine restrictions prevent coming to campus. Teachers are being asked to prepare lessons that initially do not require offline materials. We are simultaneously preparing packets of material that may be delivered to your homes. If you still have materials you were not able to turn in from last semester, please have those ready for pick up at the same time.

Our circumstances are unusual but not insurmountable. We remain committed to providing a quality education. We understand our families are experiencing a wide array of unexpected issues. Please feel free to reach out to teachers, counselors, and administrators throughout the coming months. We are here to help.

Jason Atkins