August 25, 2020

Dear Brent Families,

Now that we are back to General Community Quarantine (GCQ), several school employees will be on campus to assist in handing out materials starting Thursday, August 27. Please see the chart below for the day to visit Brent, according to the surname of your student/s. Please also check for any government announcements that may affect your schedule.

One (1) representative of your family should come prepared to pick up materials that have been prepared for your student/s. At the same time you may return books and other materials, pay fees, or pick up Ganzas. Please take special note, students are still not permitted on campus as they are classified as youth and not permitted by the governing authorities to leave their household for non-essential reasons under GCQ guidelines.

In allowing individuals to come to school during this time we have developed strict guidelines to help deter the spread of COVID-19.

  1. No face shield, no entry. The IATF has made face shields mandatory.
  2. No mask, No entry. Wear face masks at all times. When wearing a facemask, make sure to wear, use, and discard it properly.
  3. Temperature checks. Temperature = / > 37.5 will be isolated and rechecked after 5 minutes. Individuals with a high temperature will not be permitted on campus.
  4. Practice social distancing. When in line, and whenever in the presence of others, keep at a distance no less than 1 meter from front, side, and back, at all times;
  5. Disinfectant. Step on the provided doormat with disinfectant before entering the school premises. Sanitize your hands often.
  6. Observe proper respiratory etiquette;
    • Cough and sneeze into a tissue or into your shirt sleeve if a tissue is not available.
    • Dispose of used tissues properly
    • Disinfect hands immediately by properly washing with soap and water or alcohol-based sanitizer immediately after a cough or sneeze.

Designated Days
To aid social distancing, we have scheduled a 4-day period for each family representative to visit Brent to collect materials. You may also return materials, pick up personal belongings, or settle balances. The schedule is organized alphabetically beginning Thursday, August 27 and is subject to change pending government announcements. Please take note of your day and time to visit the school in the chart below. Materials distribution will be held in the Cafeteria and Atrium, depending on the school level.

From Thursday, September 3 onward families may send a representative to Brent to pick up materials as they are able. Office hours are 8:30am to 4:30pm, closed for lunch, and adjusted as needed.

Return of School Materials (Books, etc.)
We will be utilizing the school cafeteria for collecting materials for those who still need to make returns. Please follow directions when you arrive on campus.

For returning students, the Ganzas are also ready for pick up.

If you cannot send a representative to school for some reason, let the school level secretary know, and we will attempt to deliver materials at a later date. We are still assessing how best to support students outside of Metro Manila or the Philippines. Don’t worry if you are unable to get materials right away. Teachers will be able to run classes with only digital materials for at least the first two weeks, and we will be flexible as needed.

Jason Atkins