October 7, 2020

Dear Brent Families,

I hope you are safe and adapting to the unique circumstances we all find ourselves confronted by each day. Our teachers have continued to adapt and improve the online delivery of class instruction, and we have endeavored to support our students socially and emotionally through chapels and counseling as well as some clubs and activities. I’m particularly proud of our Varsity Council for pushing ahead with Spirit Week despite the challenges.

The world is learning to manage business primarily online. Many universities are conducting virtual visits to Brent, and our WASC Accreditation visit will also be virtual.

That being said, we are all eager to return to in-person instruction as soon as possible. Unfortunately, Metro Manila remains on General Community Quarantine until the end of October, and a foreign travel ban is currently still in effect. We remain nimble, ready to adjust to circumstances as necessary, but most likely we will continue distance learning through the end of the semester.

Thank you all for your patience and for extending grace to those around you. The pandemic has created many personal and financial challenges for our families. Fortunately, our children are resilient. They will become stronger and more compassionate as a result of their experiences. We at Brent, from our staff to our faculty and administration, are proud to support the personal and academic growth of our students during these trying times.

God bless you all.

Jason Atkins