Congratulations to the officers of this school year’s Executive Council for the successful Council Leader’s Workshop held September 25. The workshop was attended by all student council members. They planned activities and discussed responsibilities and qualities of good leaders. Also, they pitched activities for events that will allow their fellow batchmates to have bonding experiences while online.

The Executive Council officers led the leader’s workshop successfully, and did a wonderful job with their recent presentation “Guide to Survive High School” in an Upper School assembly.

What we see now in our student leaders gives us hope for the future. Keep up the good work, Lions! Now, go lead and set a good example for your fellow students as how Bishop Brent taught you to lead…

  • “If we would be great, we must submit to the test of greatness. It consists in doing small things greatly.” (Sermon, Epiphany I, 1919) – Bishop Charles Henry Brent
  • “Privilege is a call to responsibility. If the call be unheeded, privilege becomes a destroying angel; if heeded, a crown of joy.” [The Inspiration of Responsibility, 1915, p6] – Bishop Charles Henry Brent