Congratulations to the Geek Squad for the Success of their TechBlaze Workshops

The Geek Squad’s TechBlaze team, led by Luis Oyson (gr. 11), successfully commenced their first two online workshops. With the help of their sponsor, Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), there were more than 125 participants in their first workshop, and 75 participants in their second workshop.

Students from schools in Manila and South Korea participated in the event. Students, alumni and other guest speakers presented topics on entrepreneurship and technology.

Some of the Brent team and presenters included the following alumni and students:

Eugene Enclona ‘17 – My Journey to Google, Bachelor of Science in Engineering at University of Pennsylvania
Matthew Paulino ‘20 – Sustainable Technology, student at University of British Columbia
Bea Rondon ‘19 – on Being a Founding member of WiTech California, student at UC Davis
Seher Bhaskar (gr. 10) – Using Coda.IO
Aly Tuason (gr. 10) – The Basics of Starting a Business
Olivia Kwon (gr. 11) – Game Development
Luis Oyson (gr. 11) – The Startup Mindset, AI Technology
Isaac Destura (gr. 12) and Colin Rondon (gr. 12) were part of security during the workshops.

The online situation this school year didn’t stop our Geek Squad members in persevering towards making a difference in the lives of others. They found yet another way to help other students by giving them access not just to technology but by giving them knowledge that is necessary to help empower and inspire entrepreneurship and interest in technology and computer science.

Way to go, Lions! Best of luck on your third and final workshop happening on March 27.

For more details, you may contact or visit their website: