The Southeast Asian Math Competition (SEAMC) senior team travelled to Garden International School in Kuala Lumpur for the World Mathematics Championship Qualifier that took place from October 17th to 19th. Brent’s team competed against some of the strongest schools in South East Asia and won 10 medals.

Chaeeun Moon (gr.10) received Gold (Challenge rounds), Silver (Knowledge rounds), and Silver (Creativity rounds) medals.
Hyunwoo Cho (gr. 11) received Silver (Collaboration rounds) and Gold (Strategy rounds) medals.
Sanghyun Seo (gr. 11) received Gold (Challenge rounds), Bronze (Knowledge rounds) and Silver (Strategy rounds) medals.
Chaerin Lim (gr. 12) received a Bronze (Knowledge rounds) medal.
Huaye Zeng (gr. 12) received a Silver (Strategy rounds) medal.
Chaeeun Moon, Huaye Zeng, Sanghyun Seo and Yaein Lee (gr. 12) also qualified for the World Mathematics Championship Finals in Melbourne, Australia.

Congratulations to the whole SEAMC team for a great representation of Brent Pride!