Congratulations to our Cross Country runners for their outstanding representation of the Brent Pride at the Cross Country Meet at Faith Academy last September 2, 2023. ISM, GCA, and Faith also attended the event. Well done, Lions!

Special mention goes out to our following students:

5K Course – Upper School Girls
1st Place: Kira Ellis (gr. 12)
2nd Place: Alandra Silva (gr. 9)
5th Place: Daniela Khoury Leon (gr. 11)
6th Place: Paula Bomba Ramirez (gr. 11)
10th Place: Tanji Waskiewicz (gr. 9)

3.2K Course – Middle School Boys
1st Place: Johan Marcelo (gr. 7)
2nd Place: Evan Pearce (gr. 8)
6th Place: William Sebastian Khoury Leon (gr. 7)
8th Place: Ruben Semrajc (gr. 7)
10th Place: Bricen Platz (gr. 6)

3.2K Course – Middle School Girls
1st Place: Alaina Bouffaut (gr. 6)
2nd Place: Emily Engel (gr. 7)
4th Place: Martina Calixto (gr. 6)