Brent’s Media Center contains over 20,000 carefully chosen books to support learning and growing at Brent International School.

Some Special Collections include:

The Filipiniana Collection

Contains over 2,000 chosen books which represent the history, literature, art and culture of the Philippine Islands and its people.

Works are in English and Tagalog as well as Filipino. They are arranged according to the Dewey Decimal System and may be borrowed by any student, member of the faculty, staff and administration of the various Brent Schools as well as parents and residents of the Brentville Community.

Consists of over 2,000 VHS tapes , DVD’s and CD’s in support of the Brent School curriculum. They are available to faculty and staff at all times and to students when the occasion warrants. The Lower School Libraries routinely circulate DVD’s and Book/Tape sets to students and staff to support student learning.

The Database and Web Links Collection

Is made up of subscription databases chosen to support student learning and includes access to periodicals (EBSCOhost) Country‐Reports.Org, World Book Encyclopedia and others – click here to view collection.

The various web links you will find on this site have been chosen to provide the best access to information available in a safe and responsible manner.

The Reference Collection

Both print and on‐line resources to support our students investigations and inquiries for information that supports daily work as well as such activities as writing the extended essay or other research papers. This includes general encyclopedias, various dictionaries, atlases, almanacs and such items as the multi‐volume Groves Encyclopedia of Music and the Interpreter’s Bible.