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All applicants must complete the admission process, as outlined below, to be considered for admission to the school.

  1. Step One — Submit the required application documents to the Admissions Office.
  2. Step Two — Once the required application documents are submitted, coordinate a date with the Admissions Office for entrance tests and interviews for the applicant.
  3. Step Three — On the scheduled test and interview date, it is essential to arrive on time. An application fee of U.S. $200, or the peso equivalent, can be paid at the Brent Cashier. Credit cards and checks are also accepted. Interviews with the applicant and parent/s will follow the entrance test. A decision on acceptance can then be made.
  4. Step Four — When an applicant is accepted, a slot is offered in a specified grade level. Acceptance is confirmed by the family through the payment of a Slot Reservation Deposit and completed Admissions Agreement form. The U.S. $600 Deposit is non‑refundable, but will be applied towards the school fees. The Deposit and Admissions Agreement form must be submitted within three working days from the family’s receipt of the written notice of acceptance.
  5. Step Five — School fees must be paid before the student attends classes.

When to Apply / Slot Availability

Brent accepts students throughout the school year for grade levels with openings.

Upper School applicants (grades 9 and above) can submit an application for the following academic year as early as October. Lower and Middle School applicants (Nursery to grade 8) can submit an application for the following academic year as early as January.

Submitting documents and setting appointments does not change the status of the applicant. A slot is not reserved for an applicant until the day of the interviews. A family might inquire about slot availability and be told slots are available, but by the time of the appointments the grade level has been filled. Slot availability can change within days, weeks, and months. Families are encouraged to set appointments for the soonest available time for their schedule and check with Admissions as often as needed regarding slot availability. This includes families new to Brent as well as families who already have other children enrolled at Brent. (Please see the Guarantee Payment Letter if the applicant is a company dependent.)


Application documents can be printed from the right side bar. An Application Booklet can also be picked up from the Admissions Office. The documents to submit are:

  1. Application for Admission. Accurate, complete answers are expected.
  2. Health Form. A parent completes Brent’s form.
  3. Parent Questionnaire. For Nursery, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten applicants.
  4. Confidential Evaluation Forms. The current, or most recent, school completes Brent’s forms. One evaluation is from a math, English, science or social studies teacher for Pre‑Kindergarten applicants and above. One evaluation is from a Principal or Guidance counselor for grade 4 applicants and above. Students in need of learning support should also submit the Resource Teacher Form.
  5. Academic Records. At least two years of final report cards are needed, including any progress report or report card received in the current school year. If written in another language, an official English translation is required.
  6. Birth Certificate. A photocopy is acceptable.
  7. Immunization record. A photocopy is acceptable. No particular immunizations are required.
  8. Photos: Four recent passport photographs
  9. Guarantee Payment Letter. To reserve slots before moving, submit on company letterhead the details of school finances they will sponsor and be billed for. A sample template is available on our website.
  10. MAP Scores. Optional. Only if MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) standardized tests were given at the current / recent school. If the scores meet our expectations, we can then waive MAP tests on the entrance test day.
  11. Foreign applicants. Provide a photocopy of the following passport pages (applicant and both parents):
    1. Bio page (photo, date of birth, passport number, date of issue, and expiration)
    2. Visa showing length of stay in the Philippines (can be submitted after acceptance, if not available at the time of applying.)
  1. Local Applicants. Both parents provide a photocopy of a valid government issued photo ID. Examples include a passport bio page, driver’s license, PRC ID, digitized SSS ID, and Unified Multi-Purpose ID.

If Learning Support is a part of the applicant’s background, please submit all that are relevant:

  • document that provided the diagnoses
  • official evaluations and assessment reports
  • individual educational plan (IEP)
  • learning plan (LP)
  • medical reports

Documents submitted to Brent’s Admissions Office automatically become property of the school. The Admissions Office has the sole discretion whether to copy, provide, or return documents.