The 2018 IB Visual Arts Higher Level Class Exhibit

The artists of this generation live a fast-paced and technologically advanced lifestyle. However, the concerns remain constant- identity, childhood, emotions, love, perceptions, beauty, family, change, growth, stress, pain, poverty, preserving nature, the meaning of life, and the material world. These are the same themes that humanity has expressed throughout the history of art.

For almost two years, Trina Mariel Araja, Beatriz Mari Binalingbing, Luz Jamine Castro, Joshua Raphael Catimpo, Seong Hyen Julia Cha, Andrio Jordan Fong, Ana Beatriz Gemperle, You Sun Jung, Yoojung Roxy Kweon, Annica Therese Mapua, Chloe Marie Rodriguez, Raphael Miguel Inigo Senson, Caroline Jaimee Ting and Megumi Tomas developed their chosen themes to create works in various forms, media, scale and genres using diverse processes and techniques to express their ideas and perspectives while deriving inspiration from the works of the masters and contemporary artists from both Western and Eastern traditions.

Some works aim to reveal a point of view while a number intend to shock. There are collections that aspire for action and a change of mindset. Particular pieces intend to evoke nostalgia and strike a chord. The purpose of each piece is as distinct as each of the artists featured in this art show. Each collection is different with a fresh story to tell about the artist’s individual truth. Every piece is a revelation of one’s stand on a subject and their perspectives informed by the their real or vicarious lives. While context changes, the compulsion to express is inherent. The extent by which art has progressed over time relies on this essential need.

The same need compelled our artists to explore possibilities. They experimented and combined ideas to achieve resolution with their intentions through media. This exhibit is their venue to connect to the audience and make a statement. This is a venture into being relevant through the visuals they have created.

Each artist is expressing a variation of an idea. It is their take on what it is to be human today.