School history has been made!

Congratulations to the 2017 Girls APAC Soccer team for winning the SUPER APAC TOURNAMENT in Beijing, China.  In the 22 years of APAC existence, this is the first Soccer APAC Championship for Brent School–and it’s a SUPER APAC at that. Go Lions!

All APAC Awardees: Andie Tiongson, Chloe Hails, Macy O’Hara and Lindsay Whaley

Team Members:
CALMA, Claudia Justine
DAVIES, Jillian
DIMANCHE, Anne-Marie
GEMPERLE, Ana Beatriz
HAILS, Chloe Anne
MAC NAIR, Tamryn
NEMEC, Kamyl Andrea
OCAMPO, Justine
O’HARA, Macy
PANGILINAN, Hannah Kathleen
VELEZ, Annika Bo
VILLAMIL, Ma Angela Paula
SAUNDERS, Natasha Constance Bernice
TAN, Catherine Victoria
TIONGSON, Andrea Danielle
TORRES, Chelsie Erica
WHALEY, Lindsay