South East Asian Math Competition (SEAMC) 2017, Jakarta

Congratulations to the highest achieving team Brent has ever sent to SEAMC!

Brent’s SEAMC Team: Mr. Bryan Richards (Advisor), Andrew Lee, So-Ri Kang, Ian Coyukiat, Yohan Song, Anji Dong, Liam Richards, Subin Hwang, Minsun Kim, Mr. Kevin Burke (Advisor), Sanghyun “Paul” Seo

Anji, Ian, and Andrew’s SEAMC Plus team not only placed an impressive third out of 26 teams overall, they also placed third in the Team Round.

In the Long Term Questions category, Anji won first place. Excellent!

Anji, Ian, and Andrew earned honorable mention medals for the SEAMC Plus Individual Round. Grade Eight students Minsun and Paul earned Honorable mention medals for the SEAMC Individual Round.

Congratulations to Brent’s amazing math students!