Our varsity softball girls played phenomenally in their invitational hosted by Brent this past weekend, where they faced fellow APAC competitors: Hong Kong International School (HKIS), Shanghai American School Pudong (SASPD), and Western Academy of Beijing (WAB). The girls were incredibly successful in the round robin beating HKIS (17-1), SASPD (17-1), and WAB (26-4). The girls continued on to play a nail-biting championship game against HKIS, where they faced a 1-4 deficit for most of the game. However, both the team and the crowd’s high morale inspired the girls to have a sensational 17-run comeback in the fifth inning. The team went on to win the championships, 24-4. Kudos to all their hard work and effort under the sun, and hopefully this is just the beginning to a fruitful season.