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All applicants must complete the admission process, as outlined below, to be considered for admission to the school.

  1. Step One — Submit the required application documents to the Admissions Office.
  2. Step Two — Once the required application documents are submitted, coordinate a date with the Admissions Office for entrance tests and interviews for the applicant.
  3. Step Three — On the scheduled test and interview date, it is essential to arrive on time. An application fee of U.S. $200, or the peso equivalent, can be paid at the Brent Cashier. Credit cards and checks are also accepted. Interviews with the applicant and parent/s will follow the entrance test. A decision on acceptance can then be made.
  4. Step Four — When an applicant is accepted, a slot is offered in a specified grade level. Acceptance is confirmed by the family through the payment of a Slot Reservation Deposit and completed Admissions Agreement form. The U.S. $600 Deposit is non‑refundable, but will be applied towards the school fees. The Deposit and Admissions Agreement form must be submitted within three working days from the family’s receipt of the written notice of acceptance.
  5. Step Five — School fees must be paid before the student attends classes.

When to Apply

Brent accepts students throughout the school year for grade levels with openings.

Upper School applicants (grades 9 and above) can submit an application for the following academic year as early as October. Lower and Middle School applicants (Nursery to grade 8) can submit an application for the following academic year as early as January.


Application documents can be printed from the right side bar. An Application Booklet can also be picked up from the Admissions Office. The documents to submit to the Admissions Office are:

  1. Application for Admission
  2. Health Form
  3. Parent Questionnaire. Only for Nursery and Pre-Kindergarten
  4. Two Confidential Evaluation Forms from a current/recent school. Brent forms must be used. One evaluation form is required from a main subject teacher for Pre‑Kindergarten applicants and above, and one evaluation form is required from a principal or guidance counselor for grade 4 applicants and above.
  5. Certified copy of academic records for the most recent two years. If written in another language, an English translation must be provided.
  6. Copy of authenticated birth certificate
  7. Copy of immunization record. No particular immunizations are required; just a health history.
  8. Photos: 4 recent passport size photographs
  9. If the school fees are to be paid by an employer, a letter to that effect on the employer’s letterhead. A sample template is available from our office.
  10. MAP scores (Measures of Academic Progress). If these standardized tests were taken recently at the applicant’s school, submit the scores. We can then waive these tests on the entrance test day.

Brent International School Manila reserves the right to request other supporting documents or reports relevant to the admission process

Foreign Applicants

In addition to items 1-10 above, provide:

  1. Copy of the passport pages for the applicant and parent/s showing:
    1. picture, date of birth and passport number
    2. date of issue and expiration
    3. visa showing length of stay in the Philippines (to be submitted when available)