Vol. XIX • Issue 34 • April 21, 2017


Message From The Middle School Principal

Dear Middle School Parents,

I trust everyone had a great April break and is ready to be back at Brent for the stretch run until the end of the year. We’re back in action and on track for our five-week span of classes until 2nd semester exams begin on Monday 22 May. That’s a short amount of time, so it’s important for everyone to stay focused since the days and weeks will move by quickly.

I’m also hopeful that you can attend one or many of the remaining concerts in Brent’s 10th Annual Festival of the Arts. As of this writing, I attended the orchestra recital and the spring band concert, and both were magnificent. Next week there is a Solo and Ensemble Recital on Monday 24 April at 3 PM in the Theater and a Contemporary Dance Recital on Tuesday 25 April at 4 PM in the Theater. Also, don’t forget to peruse all the middle school art displayed in the Atrium and in the Fine Arts hallway. The student work once again demonstrates the remarkable talents of our middle schoolers.

Here are the important items to note for this week and beyond:

Important Dates: Here’s a brief list of important dates as we move forward. You should also read the school calendar and activities calendar for more complete information.

MAY 19, Friday: (Day 2) Last day of regular classes

MAY 22-24, Monday to Wednesday: Final Exams

MAY 25, Thursday: Make-up Exams and 8th Grade Celebration Ceremony
9:30 – 12:00   Grade 8 Celebration Ceremony in the Theater and Lunch in Atrium
11:15 – 12:15   Grades 6 & 7 have regular lunch in the cafeteria

Early dismissal:
Students’ day ends at 1:10; buses leave at 1:30.
Teachers’ day ends at 2:30; faculty bus leaves at 2:30.

MAY 26, Friday: Faculty In-service [No Classes for Students]

MAY 29, Monday:  All-School Eucharist, GANZA Distribution and yearbook signing 10:30 – 11:30 am in Gym 2.

Early dismissal:  Students’ day ends at 11:30; buses leave at 11:45.

MAY 30, Tuesday: Last day on campus for students
8:00 – 9:20 Middle School Awards Assembly (includes academic and athletic awards) in Theater
9:30 – 10:30  All-school Moving Up Ceremony in Gym 1
10:30 – 10:50 Report card Distribution

Early dismissal:  Students’ day ends at 10:50; buses will leave at 11:00.

Attention Grade 8 Parents: Please look at the two attached links for information on the 8th Grade Celebration Ceremony (formerly known as the 8th Grade Moving Up Day). It will take place on Thursday 25 May from 9:30 – 11 AM in the Theater. Read these important documents if you are a parent of an 8th grader. Your son/daughter also has hard copies of these documents.


Middle School Exams: Our exam period will run from Monday – Wednesday 22-24 May with Thursday morning May 25th serving as an exam make-up time before the Grade 8 Celebration Ceremony at 9:30 AM. If you know that your son/daughter will have an exam conflict during our exam period and cannot attend a scheduled exam, please notify Andy O’Hara and cc the Middle School Office as soon as possible.

This Week’s Article: Regardless of the age of your child, this article should address some interesting points for you to consider. It’s called “Is Snooping on Teenagers Ever OK?” and it’s provided some interesting talking points for my wife and me as we navigate the ever-changing world of teenagers in our house.

(Click image to link)

That’s all for now. Enjoy the next week, safe travels, and see you April 17th.


Andy O’Hara
Middle School Principal

The following information has been
posted in previous web articles.

A Previous Article on Parenting: I want to start sharing reading resources that I find especially valuable for parent education. There are a few online resources that I always read, chief among them is the New York Times family and parenting site Well Family. Here’s a great article on parenting and dealing with your child’s independence called “Being the Voice in Your Child’s Head.” Just cut and paste this link into your browser and enjoy. My goal is to keep a list of these articles in the future for parents to access, read, and share.


Last Week’s Parenting Article: “Are Teenagers Replacing Drugs with Smartphones?”


The topic is “Why Kids Shouldn’t Sit Still in Class.” The article makes perfect sense to me plus it works as a lead into our future middle school conversation about scheduling a recess of some type next year during lunch. The central points of this article can apply to your child when studying at night or for even longer times on sustained study and work sessions on weekends. Simply put, it pays to get up and move around.

(Click image to link)


Brent Lion Heart Award Winners: I had the pleasure to award the 3rd quarter Lion Heart Awards, as voted on by the middle school faculty, this past Wednesday in chapel. I’m proud of these deserving students for their remarkable work and commitment to excellence.

6th Grade
Boys: Matthew Geronimo
Girls: Nicole Oliversen

7th Grade
Boys: Toren Kneedler
Girls: Yasmin Rodriguez

8th Grade
Boys: Jason Gagnon
Girls: Hikari Tanaka

Updated Tutorial Schedule: We have an updated after-school tutorial schedule for the 2nd semester. Please use the following link or access it on the Middle School section of the Brent website.


Update Contact Information: Some of you may have received a “Christmas present” with a new phone number. Please be sure to send us any new phone numbers or email addresses that we can use to contact you. Current information is critical in case of sickness or other emergencies when contacting the parents is necessary. Brent School will do everything possible to watch over the safety of your children while at school.

Counseling Update: During the second semester from January 23 until May 5, 2017, Kara O’Connor will participate in a counseling internship in the Brent Middle School.  She will be shadowing and helping our Middle School guidance counselor Roseanna Richards with counseling duties. The internship is the final piece toward her completion of a Master’s Degree in International Counseling through Lehigh University. She will complete her internship in addition to fulfilling her Spanish and Language Support teaching obligations. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact her at koconnor@brent.edu.ph.

Brent International School requires all parents/visitors to sign in and get a visitor’s ID card.Permanent ID cards are available for all parents through the Security Office in the Administration building. When displaying a permanent ID card, parents are no longer required to get a visitor ID card each visit.

Tardiness/Absences: Being late to class or missing school affects your child’s learning. Please remind your children to report to the Middle School Office if they are late to school. This will ensure that our office will keep complete and accurate records.

Bus Rules: Please remember that students are expected to be courteous and obey the bus attendants at all times. Parents should also be aware of the following policy regarding who can ride our buses.

“Only authorized riders may ride the school bus. All riders must ride their assigned bus only. If there is a need to a ride a bus other than the one assigned, transfer to another route, or change pick-up and/or drop-off point, a written request must be sent by the parent or guardian to the Transportation Office first thing in the morning, through the bus attendant or contact Transportation office.”

Emergency Contact Information: Please be sure that our school has your complete contact information. Current information is critical in case of sickness or other emergencies when contacting the parents in necessary. Brent School will do everything possible to watch over the safety of your children while at school. We are counting on you go keep this information up-to-date.

Corporate Text Messages: As I pointed out at the Middle School Open House, corporate text messaging has become the communication of choice in the past few years. It is quick and easy, and it reaches our entire Brent community. All parents at Open House, and students on the first day of school, were given a blue form asking for your mobile phone number(s). Please complete this form and send it with your child for us to update your information OR call the Middle School Office to give the information to our secretaries. Please do this before you miss a more urgent message.

School Clinic: Next to having your emergency contact information, making sure that the school clinic has updated medical information is next on the list. Please make sure that the clinic is aware of current medications, allergies, and other medical conditions that may be important in the case of an injury or medical emergency. Should an emergency occur this information becomes vital. Please help us to ensure that it is accurate.