Vol. XIX • Issue 39 • May 25, 2017


Message From The Principal

Dear ELC & Lower School Parents,

This will be our final newsletter for this year and it comes to you a day early, as we do not have classes tomorrow (Friday, May 26) to give way for our Teacher-In-Service Day. Offices will be open though so if you need to transact anything, we will be able to accommodate you during office hours.

We’ve had a fantastic day this Wednesday with our Nursery to Pre-K Moving Up Day Ceremony at the ELC-MPH and the Kinder Moving Up Day at the Theater. Thank you, Nursery to Kinder parents for all your support this year and congratulations!

Next week we only have two days of school left. We do have even shorter days on Monday and Tuesday, given the following schedule:

Early Dismissal Schedule

Date (Day)K-2 Dismissal Time3-5 Dismissal Time
May 29 (Monday)11:30 a.m.11:45 a.m.
May 30 (Tuesday11:00 a.m.11:00 a.m.

Monday, May 29, is our Baccalaureate Service in Gym 1 at 8:15 a.m. You are all welcome to join us then.

Finally on Tuesday, our final day of school, we will be having our end of year awarding ceremonies. It would be wonderful if you can join in celebrating all the hard work your children have put in this year. We will have the LS Awarding Ceremonies to be followed by the whole school Moving Up Day Ceremony, with the following schedule:

Year End Awarding Ceremonies

LS Awarding CeremonyMay 30, Tuesday8:00 a.m.Gym 2
1-12 Moving Up DayMay 30, Tuesday9:20 a.m.Gym 1

I look forward to seeing you next week for our year-end ceremonies. Truly, it has been an amazing, blessed year and I cannot thank you enough for your continued support and communication. I wish you traveling mercies wherever the summer months bring you.

May Godspeed,


Michelle R. Jingco




The Freedom of Choice

Principal:           What kind of music do you like listening to?

5-year old:          Er… the one I’m really not supposed to be listening to.

To See Is To Believe

At the TOPS Presentation of Rev. Joe Mauk…

“Oh, boy! You really ARE good!”

– Grade 1 Student

Track & Field Thoughts

“I need to treat my quads.  I need yogurt”

– Grade 3 Student

Run, Samson, Run!

Student 1:   I can run so fast!

Student 2:   Yes you can, but you’re not strong like Samson.


Year-End Chapel Video


News and Notes

•  After-School Supervision – Please remember that we do not provide after-school supervision. All ELC/Lower School students are expected to leave at 3:00 pm unless participating in an after-school activity or remedial. Children in either of these activities are to be picked up or leave on the 3:50 pm bus. This is an important safety measure. Thank you for your cooperation.

•  Office Telephone Use – The office telephone may only be used for an emergency. Students may not use the telephone to request materials, p.e. clothes, etc., left at home; ask permission to go home with a friend, change their usual dismissal pattern, or requesting to stay in school. We do not provide after-school supervision. All ELC and Lower School students are expected to leave at 3:00 pm unless participating in an after-school activity or remedial. Students in either of these activities are to be picked up or leave on the 3:50 pm bus.

•  Cellular Phones, Electronics, and Other Valuables – Parents and guardians are requested to help make sure that students do not bring valuables to school such as cellular phones, electronic devices, large amount of cash, and expensive jewelry. When the children are swimming or involved in sports, remember that all jewelry and watches are removed for safety purposes.  Students are not allowed to wear valuables on sporting/P.E. days.  These items are very difficult to find once they have gone missing and there is no need for them in the ELC and Lower School.

• Lost and Found  –  All lost items left unattended, will be turned in initially to the ELC/Lower School Office before being transferred to the main Lost and Found area in the Security Office. Students are asked to report missing items to the ELC/Lower School Office and complete a short report so that we might manage all lost or missing items. At the end of each semester (Christmas Break and End of School Year), unclaimed items will be donated to charity.  Please make sure to follow-up if your child loses something in school.

•  Books, Bags, and Belongings – All unattended bags will be collected by our Security Personnel and taken to the Security Office. Students will personally have to show their Brent School I.D. to retrieve their bag. It is highly recommended, therefore, that student names be placed on all bags for easy identification.

All students in Grades 6 to 10 have two private lockers in which to leave their belongings – their book locker and their P.E. locker. Students in Grades 11 and 12 may get a second locker – in the Gym 1 or P.E. locker rooms, or in the S210 hallway – to store any additional athletic gear or other items. Lower School students going to swimming or another athletic activity after school may check their bags with the Security Guard in the P.E. Offices hallway.

All bags left unattended between classes and after school in places like the atrium, the cafeteria, the Activities Office, the Media Center, inside or outside of the gyms, the tables by the swimming pool, and in the P.E. Offices hallway will be collected and taken to the Security Office.

•  Attendance is checked at the beginning of each day. If you know that your child will not be in school, please call the ELC (Verna) at (049) 511-4330 to 33 or (02) 779-5140 to 46 ext. 711 or Lower School (Abby) at ext. 111 by 9:00 A.M. We view absences as “explained” or “unexplained,” so please send in a note/excuse letter ahead of time for planned student absences, going out of town, etc., for consideration/approval.

Students arriving after 8:00 a.m. Mondays to Fridays except Thursdays at 8:50 a.m. are considered tardy and should not be permitted in to class without a pass from the ELC/Lower School Office. Exceptions are made for late buses and heavy traffic days (accidents/out of the ordinary) on the south super highway, etc.

Please note that five or more tardiness per semester will eliminate a student for consideration of the Annual Perfect Attendance Award.

•   Student Pass – If your children are leaving early, before the end of the school day, a parent/guardian must come by the school office to sign them out and secure a student pass. Also any changes to your child’s dismissal pattern (going home with a friend, car instead of bus, etc.) must be submitted in writing (with parent signature) at least one day prior to the change. The homeroom teacher and bus coordinator (if they ride) need to be informed. This is for children’s safety and security. We appreciate your assistance in knowing their whereabouts during dismissal and mode of transport home.

•  Security – Brent International School requires all parents/visitors to sign in and get a visitor’s ID card. Permanent ID cards are available for all parents through the Security Office in the Administration building. When displaying a permanent ID card, parents are no longer required to get a visitor ID card each visit.

•  Transportation – For Bus Services/Concerns you can contact the Transportation Office at (049) 511-4354 or Trunk Line (049) 511-4330 to 33 or (02) 779-5140 to 46 ext. 518. Any Transportation concerns after 4:30 pm, please call the following: Zusie 0918-912-4230 or Meng 0918-913-2756.